PERFECT SOMEDAY by Beverly Preston

21975897Lately the books I have been reading are like these hidden gems. I know we all like are really hot, somewhat dirty reads. But I am finding that many of these books lack story. A really good story can make for some of the most sensual and sexy reads.

Perfect Someday is one of those stories. There isn’t page after page of detailed graphic sex but there is a sensual, sexy love story. I fell in love with the characters and fell in love with the story.
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The Perfect Someday (The Mathews Family, #3)The Perfect Someday by Beverly Preston

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A beautiful story set in the beautiful backdrop of the vineyards in Tuscany.
This was my first time reading something from Beverly Preston and it definitely won’t be my last. Perfect Someday, like a fine wine had the perfect balance of love, heartache, humour and sexiness. She created a story of fate intervening for a second time to give two perfectly paired people a chance at love in the unlikely circumstances.
I love the characters because they were hard working and never took things for granted or expected anything from anyone. And honestly I don’t think any of you could resist Vincent Giovanni. He was sexy without the outlandish arrogance. There was no gimmick. He simply was a beautiful man inside and out. You instantly loved his character. Tracy– she made me laugh with her academic intensity but made me feel her sincerity in her love for her family and those close to her. I loved the sense of family and family respect. Family is what ultimately brought the Tracy and Giovanni together.
Right from the first few pages, I knew i was going to enjoy the story. I love the idea of traveling in a story. There are some very romantic settings and the culture of these other worlds make the romance seem more meaningful.
The story flowed really well and the interrelationships of the characters was fabulous. I never felt like a character was out of place or thrown into the story at random. There were only a few times where I felt like Giovanni, who is Italian (who at times had to search for the correct American term), was suddenly very fluent in English.
If you haven’t read anything by Beverly Preston, you should.
Perfect Someday is a great summer read that you should definitely experience.
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