~PICTURING PERFECT by Melissa Brown~ Review




“This was only our first date.. although we’d had over a decade of foreplay.”

Melissa Brown really knows how to make my heart smile. I was excited to read Picturing Perfect knowing her style and vibe to her books, Bouquet Toss and Champagne Toast. That and anyone that knows me, knows I always seem to fall for the sweet guy next door book boy.
Melissa created the ultimate one in Jason Kelly. He’s hot with a pop culture geekiness that makes you smile and swoon. It’s like an all- encompassing package that isn’t beyond any woman’s grasp. Jason Kelly is humble, smart, witty and sweet as all get out. He is thoughtful beyond measure. What makes him so attractive is that there has been a Jason Kelly that has crossed all our paths at least once in the real world.
One thing that always resonates with me when reading a book by Melissa Brown is she writes story before sex. In other words, the sex that is in the books occurs naturally, it’s not forced or in place as filler. The sex is also always tastefully done without taking away the passion of it. You really feel the characters chemistry and desire for one another.
In Picturing Perfect, Melissa Brown created a perfect asshat antagonist in Tucker Montgomery. This guy is an insensitive, arrogant, obnoxious, selfish ‘Mother rhymes with Tucker!’ Yet even in my disgust for him, I want to hear his side of the story. I want to know how he came to be like this because he wasn’t always the jerk.
The conflicts these characters face themselves with are viable and completely reasonable. This is the beauty of Melissa Brown’s writing. She doesn’t do over the top. She adds the perfect mix of humor, loving and being loved, and tough choices all while being sincere and intense enough that we keep turning the page wanting more.
Brown develops a story that is captivating and relatable. In this story, I really felt she wrote some endearing and heartfelt storylines involving some really sweet secondary characters (you’ll have to read to get the goods). One she brought personal experience to the story making this part of it so touching and heart warming. Two, she touched on a subject that does not always come up in stories. This gave Picturing Perfect an edge in my mind. I loved how this element of the story ties all the characters together and as in real life you are either brought together or pulled apart by these types of life altering events.
And I will say that after reading Picturing Perfect, I want to have a girls night with a John Hughes marathon, some wine and talk delicious and gorgeous book boy nerds like Jason Kelly.
I also need to mention, Brown’s use of the words picture and perfect. Very clever and it always reminded you that the best things to happen to us aren’t always how we pictured it but they become our perfect.
Melissa Brown, you rock my socks—BOOM! D 4/5

Nic’s Review

If you are looking for a feel good read Picturing Perfect by Melissa Brown is exactly what you are looking for! This amazing heartwarming read will keep you turning the pages as it certainly did for me!  Picturing Perfect is my favourite Melissa Brown book yet!!!!!  It’s been a while since I came home from work and started a book and had it finished by the time I went to bed (of course bed time was around 2:30am! But then you all know what I’m talking about).  My heart was completely committed to Picturing Perfect from the moment I started it,  beautiful characters and beautiful story.

Melissa Brown knows how to create fabulous characters that touch your heart and Picturing Perfect was no exception.  Hadley’s relationship with Tucker is at a crossroads when something life altering happens.  Jason has always had feelings for Hadley but he knows she’s in a relationship.  When the opportunity finally presents itself will Jason finally man-up or will it be too late??  Hadley is a beautiful, loveable character although I wanted to kick her in the ass for staying with an asshat like Tucker!  Hadley has a big heart and always puts the needs of others above her own.  A really lovely character I won’t soon forget.  Tucker is Hadley’s boyfriend, he is a selfish ass who I wish would have been hit by a Mac truck, but then that’s just me 😉  Loved how Melissa Brown has created someone I could despise so strongly… Ok I really wanted to take his manhood away!  Auden is Hadley’s best friend, and I loved how devoted of a friend she is to Hadley.  Finally there is Jason… Mmmmmm!  He.Is.Dreamy!!!!  I love how gentle natured he is without being weak.  He’s warm, funny and will do anything for those he cares about.  Also, Jason isn’t big buff and tattooed which is kind of refreshing since it seems lately every Book Boyfriend is massive and covered in tatts.  I promise ladies Jason will melt your heart!

I enjoyed the storyline in Picturing Perfect especially Hadley’s job and the people she worked with!   Kudos to Ms. Brown for writing this into the storyline and doing so beautifully!  I also enjoyed the movie and music references that were incorporated into the story, AWESOME!  Now I need to find me some of those awesome t-shirts 🙂  There is some angst in the story but nothing that will leave you feeling drained and destroyed.  Picturing Perfect is one of those stories that will have you feeling a little edgy but in the end will leave your heart feeling so full that you will want to read it over and over again.  N. 5/5



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