~PULLED by A.L. Jackson~ review

PulledThis is the first novel published by author A.L. Jackson. Let me just say that she writes with fluency and maturity that is not usually present in a first time writer.

Pulled is so gracefully depicted that the only way I can describe it is, a dark cloud covering the sun and then there is a shift in the wind to let all the suns rays shine down on your heart.

A.L. Jackson takes sorrow and heartbreak then chisels away at it with hope and true love. Throughout the entire story, there is some semblance of hope or that all is not lost.

The characters in Pulled are developed with sincerity and honesty. You can feel every tear that is shed and every laugh that is shared. The dire and extremely emotional situations, which Melanie found herself in, were treated with respect and earnestness without diluting the severity of them.

The inner monologue of both primary characters, Daniel and Melanie, were thoughtful and carried an angst that was not overwhelming but the sadness was definitely felt.

I was further engaged in the story with the fact that the characters were close to being thirty in age. This may seem trivial. However, it made what they had endured more viable and realistic. Their feelings were better understood almost, because it was more likely that at their present point of their lives fit with their age. This isn’t to say that the events that occurred would not have had an impact on a couple in their early twenties. I just feel they had more time to mature and understand everything that happened in the past; that the magnitude of their feelings fit their age worked for the story.

One thing that A.L. Jackson does very well in her writing style is alternate between the past and the present. In many other books, there may be some confusion as to which time frame you are reading in. With A.L. Jackson’s writing, you are never confused. It is very clear. And she works into the story so well.

If you want a story that fills your heart, Pulled is one you should read.

A.L. Jackson has 2 other novels titled Take This Regret and When We Collide. She also has a companion novella called Lost To You which partners with Take This Regret.

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  1. Wow! Your review hit the mark!

    I also was very impressed that this was AL Jackson’s first novel! The depth and beauty in PULLED had me forcing myself to put it down so I could savor it…and of course as the end neared, I put it down so I could drag out that sweet feeling in my heart longer.

    The angst in the book and the trials Melanie and Daniel struggle through are REAL and twist your heart as you live their pain along with them!

    I just finished this book last night and was in awe of how beautiful Melanie and Daniel’s story is. I will carry it with me for a long time!

  2. MJ Fryer says:

    Glad to see you reviewed Pulled. With the other book now out by A.L. Jackson, I feel like this book doesn’t get enough attention. I really loved the story of Melanie and Daniel, it was well written and had a great HEA and epilogue.

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