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We are on the last turn of this Blog Tour. It’s been an amazing run. The pit stops have been phenomenal and we are headed for victory lane. There’s just one more stop before we can pop the champagne and wave the checkered flag. And we’re running on high octane with this one. Sway Reins stopped by to give us an interview. That girl is a hoot but she is down to earth and full of heart. And you can just tell she loves her man, Jameson Riley. Also once you get to the end of the interview, enter into not one but 2 giveaways!!!! Check out this interview…

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by Flirty and Dirty. I’m surprised you were able to sneak away from your hot racer of a man. Wait… does he know you’re here? Cuz I don’t want any pranks and shit going down here at Flirty and Dirty. You know his jokes are crazy. Oh Lord, and Spencer better not show up without any clothes on. Cuz you know Ally will looking to run someone up the bank and into the wall. Bloody hell Sway! *Eyes shifting everywhere and nervous as all get out* I forgot about the Lucifer twins. They didn’t travel with you did they? Please tell me they are back in Elma? I think I need a drink. Vodka. I need VODKA!

Sway: You need vokda? If you knew who was waiting for me in the car you’d need more than vodka honey. *winks*

Flirty and Dirty:  K- gotta ask besides his insatiable sexual appetite what is it about Jameson? I mean for us regular gals, it’s kind of a case of pit lizard heaven with the glamour of him being a driver and all but for you, and you’ve grown up with him. Know all his faults and goofiness. So what makes you love him unconditionally?

Sway: I think what makes me love him is his him. There’s so much more to Jameson as a person that most don’t see. He magic and mystery. He can be charming and explosive all in the matter of five minutes. I tell you what though, he’s the same person he is today as he was at eleven. Hotter yes, but his eyes hold the same fire they did back them and I love that about him. So many times drivers get lost with fame, he hasn’t.

Flirty and Dirty: Are Jameson, Emma and Spencer ever not trying to pull one over on the other or fighting? They always seem to be going at it.

Sway: They are always going at it. It’s like a battle of the surviors with them. Don’t ever be the first to fall asleep. Ever.

Flirty and Dirty: What is it about racing that makes you just lose yourself to it? And do you prefer the dirt track or the asphalt racing?

Sway: I think it’s the desire to be the best that’s appealing. There’s nothing better than guys fighting it out showing a side only some get to see for a chance at victory. It’s captivating, you know? And I grew up at a dirt track, I prefer dirt any day. Yeah, by the time you leave it’s in your eyes and stuck to your skin but it’s home for me.

Flirty and Dirty:  Have you ever been behind the wheel to race? Not necessarily competitively but you know. The adrenaline rush would definitely be a turn on haha.

Sway: When I was seventeen, I took Jameson’s sprint car out for a spin at Grays Harbor one night. He was there too and nearly had a stroke. I didn’t make it to the first turn and was in the wall. I felt horrible but poor Jameson nearly cried. I’m not sure if it was because I wrecked his car or that the throttle stuck and I hit that wall at like 90. I had to go to the hospital. It was a disaster and I knew then it wasn’t for me.

Flirty and Dirty:  This might be a little tough to answer but what do you think it is about you that grounds Jameson. And funbags is not an answer. *laughs*

Sway: Oh come on, you know that’s it too! Seriously though, I think it’s his family. There’s a reason why he surrounds himself with his brother and sister on a dailey basis. He’s annoyed by them, yes, but they calm him in a strange way that’s not really explainable. I think I do too. I’ve seen him on TV when I’m not there and ther is a big difference from the man you see, to what we, as in his family and me, see.

Flirty and Dirty:  I seriously want to punch Chelsea and Mariah in the head. How do you handle dealing with b****es like them? Because obviously they weren’t the first and they won’t be the last. How do you keep strong and remind yourself that you are Jameson’s and only you?

Sway: Yes, it’s hard to deal with at times but I’ve never been one to question myself. You can’t. There’s no justice in it. But with Jameson, it’s the way he looks at me. He has a way of looking at you and making you feel like you’re the only one in a room of thousands. Until you’ve had those grass green eyes lock with yours and see him wink, you’ll never understand. But once you do, it’s something you’ll never forget.

 Flirty and Dirty:  Okay. One last question. What is the craziest prank you have pulled on Jameson?

Sway: I’ve never really pulled one over. He’s too perseptive to the things around him. You think that Jameson is the type of guy to get caught up in the weekend at the track but the thing that makes him the best, his ability to turn himself off, is also what makes him. Even though you think he’s checked out, he’s constantly watching and aware of everything around him. Therefore it’s unusual for anyone to pull one over on him. Spencer gets the closest. He’s constantly getting him with glitter bombs! I once put sand in his soap just for the fun of it but when he found out it was me, and knowing I hate the color yellow, he put yellow die in my body wash and I looked like a lemon squeeze for a month. That shit stuck with my skin. I told people I was suffering from jaundice. Like they believed me!

Sway, thank you so much for stopping by Flirty and Dirty. It was a blast.  You will definitely have to visit again and maybe bring that man of yours around too.  No maybe not… we’ll never be able to talk cuz the two of you will be engaging in some serious car part dirty talk or something.  Better yet. Bring Emma. She likes to shop and I could do some serious shopping.

Sway: Thanks for having me! And yes, I’ll bring the crazy next time.

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  1. Would love to read these…thanks for the chance!

  2. Trisha R. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Love the interview with Sway.

  3. Tess says:

    Lol! Great interview with Sway! Love her and Jameson! They are one of my top 5 book couples! I’ll be so flipping mad if someone put dye in my body wash – what a great prank though! 😛 Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. tara carroll says:

    Great interview with Sway….

  5. This author is new to me but the books seem amazing and I hope to win! Thanks again for the chance 🙂

  6. I never really wanted to read a series revolving around racing but when I read about Happy Hour….WOW! I can’t wait to read this series!! Thanks for the chance to win. And for the awesome interview!

  7. andieleah78 says:

    I sooooo wanna ready this series!!!! I hear nothing but great things about it! Thanks for the great giveaway!! Good luck everyone:)

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