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arHey all !! We are so freakin’ excited. Well I am anyway (D). Nic not so much. Ramsey dropped by Flirty and Dirty and chatted it up with us. And yes, he is so gorge!!! He really does smell like peppermint. I definitely have a new appreciation for it.

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D:  Nic there is no need for the eye rolling. Geez, you were able to catch up with Jack over at Taryn’s and My Secret Romance. Although, I really didn’t see the draw. You Jack Packers really are in your own little world.

*Ramsey ladies– just between you and me, I didn’t find Jack all that attractive. I mean, I guess he’s not bad on the eyes. But Ramsey– O M G and let’s throw in a few more O’s, he is undeniably gorgeous and he really is sweet.*

Nic:  Uh, can you get back to the whole why Ramsey was here deal?

D:  Right. Sorry. Got Ramsey on my mind. *sigh*  So Ramsey dropped by and we got to talkin.’ Here’s how it went down.


D: Do you like peppermint? *winks*

Ramsey:  *laughs* Of course.

D and Nic: I got to ask right now cuz it pisses me off when I have to defend you to all those F***ing Jack Packers—why the hell wouldn’t you have fessed up to Lexi about Parker right from the beginning? You know that made you look like a total dickwad right?

Nic:  See, I told you Jack was the man! You are not worthy Ramsey.

D: Real smooth Nic. Do not pay her any mind. She clearly is delusional and blind to that asshat’s ways and idiocy. But could you answer the question? Help me, and my fellow PP’s to understand.

Ramsey:  Geez, Nic, way to treat a guy who’s doing you a favor.  Nah, I know you guys had a hard time with the Parker situation.  Sorry, Denise, I know I didn’t make it easy on you.  But it’s a hard thing to talk about for me.  What I told Lexi was the truth—Parker and I just don’t talk about what happened with us.  It was a long time ago.  By the time Lexi and I had that conversation, Parker and I had been broken up for something like five years!  Old habits die hard.  It’s not an excuse, but it’s a reason.

D: I get it. And it would’ve been really difficult. Especially being so young and coming from influential families.

D and Nic: Why do you want Lexi so bad? Especially knowing she has been with that asshat Jack? It’s obvious. You can clearly see, and have absolutely no trouble, getting women to drop their panties.

Nic: Can’t you see? D’s ready to drop hers right here.

D: *chokes on her peppermint candy* Nic shut the F up. No need to go embarrassing him. God, can we keep this professional?

Nic: *rolls eyes*

Ramsey:  I’ll ignore the panty dropper part of that question.  Denise—we’ll talk later.

D: *blushes and feels a bit faint*

Ramsey:  I just don’t even think that’s a fair question.  I know what she had with Jack.  I don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean that I care for her any less.  Lexi is an amazing woman.  She’s everything that I’d never had before.  I don’t know if I can explain it, but I’ll try.  I don’t think that her past, what happened with Jack, means that I shouldn’t love her.  Wouldn’t that be hypocritical?  I had a pretty messed up past as well…and I wouldn’t want her to judge me based on who I was rather than who I am.

 D: *sigh* I get it. I think I asked for more selfish reasons. *hangs head in shame*

D and Nic:  Are you still hung up on Parker?  Cuz you know she’s a cow and trying to get in your pants or at least your head? She wants you back and she’s not going to go away quietly.

Ramsey:   Ladies, ladies!  Calm down!  Parker does not want to get back together with me, and she is not plotting to get in my pants or head or anything.  We dated when we were both much younger, and never got back together.  We never even talked about getting back together after everything that happened.  You and Lexi, for that matter, have absolutely nothing to worry about from Parker.  She is not a cow or whatever you called her.

D and Nic: *whispers to each other– she wants something*

D and Nic: How do you think you are going to manage working with Parker? You’re setting yourself up for trouble don’t ya think?

Ramsey:  I don’t really think I have to manage working with Parker.  I’ve already said that there is nothing to worry about with her.  We have a history, but that’s all it is—history!  I really don’t see why you think that working with her is trouble.

D and Nic: *rolls eyes*

D and Nic:  What is the deal with your sister?!?! Why do you stick up for her when clearly Bekah is a Bitch with a capital B?!  And don’t give us the whole she’s my sister crap. There’s more to it. There has to be.

Ramsey:  *scratches back of head* I’ll be the first to admit that Bekah can be a bitch.  I doubt I’ve ever denied that.  And it is a large part because she is my sister.  She received the brunt of my parents love and also their disappointment.  I rebelled and ignored their rulings.  My father saw parenting as a dictatorship, and when I refused to listen, they were ten times as harsh on Bekah.  I guess I’ve always felt responsible for her.  Probably should have grown out of it, but I never did.

D and Nic: So what’s your take on the whole John situation? Are you pissed? You still want to be with Lexi?

Ramsey:  Of course I’m pissed.  I don’t want anyone else near her!  And I hate the way that I found out about it. *clenches hands*  Let’s just say I hope I never meet him.

*sigh* But I couldn’t leave Lexi.  I won’t leave Lexi.  How could I want to when she’s perfect for me?

Nic:  Ramsey, you have to sense that Jack and Lexi are kindred souls? Do you really think that you can compete with that?

D:  What’s there to compete with? He’s a douche.

Ramsey:  Sorry, Nic, I have to agree with Denise on this one.  There is no competition between me and Jack.  Lexi made her choice and you have to respect her choice.  As long as she’ll have me, I’ll be right there for her.

D and Nic: Why don’t you cut the ties and move away? You are a smart businessman. You can start your own business. Lexi could get on at a law firm. It would be a fresh start. No Bekah and Jack shit to deal with for either of you.

D: *casually leans in and smells Ramsey*

Nic: What in the world are you doing D?

D: nothing

Nic: bullshit

D:  So, what are you going to do? I think you are walking into a shit storm.

Ramsey:  What do you mean?  You want me to leave my home, the place I’ve lived my whole life, and just start over?  Would you be able to do that?  Everything I have is here.  That’s just not happening.  I love Atlanta.  It’s home, and it’s home for Lexi too.  Though, I appreciate your concern.  I think we’ll do just fine.

D:  *whispers to Nic*  That’s a lot of fallout to deal with. Jack, Parker, Bekah day in and day out. Not me. I’d leave and come back for the obligatory visits.

D and Nic: Ramsey, thank you so much for stopping by. It’s been so great having you here. We can’t wait to see what’s in your future with Lexi.

Nic:  Speak for yourself D. We know she belongs with Jack.

D: I’m so sorry Ramsey. As you can see we are clearly on different sides of this one. I am so hoping for all the best with you and Lexi. You deserve to be happy and if Lexi is the one to do it then I’m gunnin’ for you two.

Ramsey:  Thanks for having me ladies. It’s been… entertaining and interesting.  And Denise, I appreciate it. It’s been a tough go, but I love her. I really do. You really need to meet her. I think you two would get along great.


So there you have it Peppermint Posse. That’s how it all went down. Ramsey is so sweet. Hope you enjoyed our interview. I know I did. *sticks tongue out at Nic and winks*


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