We are always looking for the next great read or the next great author. So absolutely feel free to add titles and names to this section. We are always adding. Our “to-read” list is growing everyday and as quick as we are at reading it mat take some time to get to them. So leave a suggestion so that we won’t forget or miss out. Happy reading!!!

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  1. Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing (Breathing #1 & #2) – Rebecca Donovan
  2. The Opportunist – Tarryn Fisher
  3. Easy – Tammara Webber
  4. Collision Course – S.C Stephens
  5. I Love You to Death – Natalie Ward
  6. Thoughtless and Effortless (Thoughtless #1 & #2) – S.C. Stephens
  7. Find You in the Dark – A. Meredith Walters
  8. Delicate and Grounding Quinn – Steph Campbell
  9. Taking Chances – Molly McAdams
  10. Bouquet Toss – Melissa Brown
  11. The Final Piece – Maggi Myers
  12. Slammed and Point of Retreat (Slammed #1 & #2) – Colleen Hoover
  13. Avoiding Commitment and Avoiding Responsibility (Avoiding Series) –K.A. Linde
  14. Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed (Love #1 & #2) – Tina Reber
  15. Chasing Nikki and Finding Chase  Lacey Weatherford
  16. Naked and All In (The Blackstone Affair)– Raine Miller
  17. Moreno Brothers Series (books #1 – #5) – Elizabeth Reyes
  18. Bound Together – Marie Coulson
  19. Love Evolution and Love Revolution (Black Cat Records) – Michelle Mankin
  20. Backstage Pass and Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #1 & #2) – Olivia Cunning

Honourable mentions:  Stalk Me and Kiss Me (Keatyn Chronicles) – Jillian Dodd, Ten Days of Perfect – Andrea Randall,  , Fury – Michelle Pace/Tammy Coons, Ruining Me – Nicole Reed, From Ashes – Molly McAdams, Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark (Dark Duet) – C.J. Roberts 

*There are so many books that deserve to make the list. Honestly it is really difficult for me to rank these books– for their own reasons, they deserve the top spot. So just because something is not on my list, DOES NOT mean I didn’t love it!*



  1. Taking Chances / Stealing Harper – Molly McAdams
  2. Thoughtless, Effortless – S.C. Stephens
  3. Take This Regret / Lost To You – AL Jackson
  4. Conversion – S.C. Stephens
  5. Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James
  6. Suicide Note – Teresa Mummert 
  7. On The Island – Tracey Garvis Graves
  8.  The Proposition / The Proposal – Katie Ashley 
  9.  The Blackstone Affair Trilogy – Raine Miller 
  10.  The Mighty Storm, Wethering The Storm – Samantha Towle 
  11. Connected – Kim Karr
  12. Rock My Bed – Michelle A. Valentine 
  13.  Love Unscripted / Love Unrehearsed – Tina Reber 
  14.  Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines
  15.  Avoiding Commitment / Avoiding Responsibility – K.A. Linde
  16.  Reason to Breathe / Barely Breathing – Rebecca Donovan
  17.  Bouquet Toss – Melissa Brown
  18.  Beautiful Disaster / Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire
  19.  The Neighbour from Hell series – R.L. Mathewson
  20.  My Heart for Yours – Steph Campbell and Jolene Perry 

Honourable mentions:  Honor series – Teresa Mummert,  The Opportunist – Tarryn Fisher, My Favourite Mistake – Chelsea M. Cameron, The Away With Me in Seattle series – Kristen Proby, Broken / Mending / Conspiring – J.B. McGee, Stalk Me / Kiss Me – Jillian Dodd, Backstage Pass – Olivia Cunning, A Humble Heart – RL Mathewson, From Ashes  – Molly McAdams, The Stewart Realty Series – Liz Crowe, Chasing Nikki – Lacey Weatherford

*I wish I had a top 100 list as there are so many reads I would love to have listed. My Top Twenty list are reads that have touched me in a way that others have not.*


  1. justine littleton says:

    kristen ashley

    my favs r –
    Rock Chick Series
    Dream Man Series
    The Unfinished Hero Series
    but she has many more!

  2. Stephanie says:

    H.P. Mallory- Jolie Wilkins Novels. Paranmormal Romance—There are some pretty fun characters.

    Alexa Grace- Deadly Trilogy-Murder mystery/Romance

    that’s all I can think of ATM. 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    1 more 🙂

    Lisa Renee Jones- The Vampire Wardens & Werewolf society—if you like steamy vamps 😉

  4. All of Her Men by Lourdes Bernabe – Just came out this month! available on Amazon

  5. berta says:

    Great book to read Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. This was a great read 296 pgs. Very humorous and great story.

  6. Kris says:

    Check out J. Kenner’s books Release Me, Claim Me and soon to be released Complete Me. They are awesome!!!

  7. Taylor says:

    Hello Flirty and Dirty!

    I’m a first time author and I have just recently published my first ever novel, Pregame. It is currently only available as an ebook from Amazon but I am in the process of getting it onto the nook as well. I think that you would enjoy the plot although I am a bit biased. I would be honored if you would be able to find the time to read it and review it. Thanks a bunch!

    Amazon link:

    • admin says:

      Hello Taylor,

      Thank You for contacting us. We would love to take a look for you but we are so backed up right now we wouldn’t be able to take a look until later in the fall.

      Thanks again,
      Nic xo

  8. Raquel says:

    What book has kellan kyle in it?

  9. After reading your review of Real by Katy Evans, I purchased it. I have one word for this book, WOW! In fact, I’ve never been a one word person, I love it, I love Remy, I love Brooke, I love the way Katy has made me love it! Thank you for recommending this book, I read it in one sitting, all through the night as I couldn’t wait to get to the end (so I can start again).

    • admin says:

      YAY Tracie! I’m so glad you loved Real! Just wait until you read Mine 😉 Releasing tomorrow! <3 Remington Tate!!!!!

  10. Rebecca Lynn says:

    Release & Redemption from the Iris Series. Written by Rebecca Lynn–fabulous new authors 🙂

  11. Carrie Black says:

    Dawn Robertson’s Hers series (Hers, Finding Willow, Kink the Halls, The Girl Stripped, His (coming soon), and there will be a #6.

  12. sue scott says:

    Hi – just wanted to add a book that I just finished and loved! It’s called Falling Into Always – got it from Amazon – hadn’t read this author before – Emily Somerset – wasn’t an erotic book, but story was romance and suspense was woven into it – the two main characters have great chemistry and an attraction that just won’t stop. The suspense part of the story was well done and helped the characters realize that their future and happiness was right there all the time. The next book in this trilogy is due out in July and I will certainly be buying it. Think you should read this!

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