I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward

Passion, conviction, intimate, challenging, intense, sad, moving, painful, freeing, breathless, and it goes on.  This is what Natalie Ward’s writing will make you feel. What your mind and your heart will elicit.  I Love You to Death was insufficiently put, staggering and remarkable. I cannot go into the story because this is one write you need to feel for yourself. Not read but FEEL… What I will say is the characters in this book are so raw and revealing. That goes for the secondary characters as well who presumably would be insignificant and play like shadows. Never have that presumption because these characters charge the intimacy and intensity of this story. One moment you feel like you are holding your breath and the next you feel like you can’t take in enough air.
Ward’s style of paralleling the past with the present is amazing. This along with the main character, Ash’s narrative is pure grit. I cannot wait to read more from her. She channels the voice of her characters so faultlessly that you can only be drawn into the book as if you were inside those pages living in the plot’s moment. I found myself on more than one occasion rereading moments in the book because I found myself asking, “Did I just read that? Holy crap—what the heck is she doing to me?”  Her writing is thought-provoking and silently screams at you to FEEL. I always talk about the journey a story takes you on. Well, this is one journey worth taking. This is Natalie Ward’s debut novel and she might as well have hit me in the head with this book. It is solid writing, with well thought out characters and a story that is both freeing and binding.
I Love You to Death is a definite must read.  D. 5/5

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