~~REVIEW~~ Fighting Faith by Brandie Buckwine

For all of you who love hot rock god books, time to download.  Fighting Faith reminded me of a cross between Olivia Cunning’s Rock Hard and S.C. Stephen’s Thoughtless.  Eric’s band is just about to make it big and Faith is there to document their rise to fame.  Faith and Eric can’t stand one another and go out of their way to make the other’s life completely miserable.  The sexual tension and chemistry between these characters is brilliant!  This was a fun, easy and HOT read, did I say HOT ;-P   I found the story to be funny, a little gut wrenching and extremely HOT!  If you loved the Sinners Series you will want to add this to your to-read list.   N.   4



  1. Momma's Books says:

    I am a sucker for a good rock star book thanks I will have to go check this one out!!