Review of Tempt Me by Olivia Cunning!!! Check it out.

Olivia Cunning does it again… She brings you to the brink and then pulls out. But damn it’s good. The second novella in her Sole Regret series is just as fantastic as the first. Knowing there is going to be a next story, Olivia does a great job of teasing you. Especially because of the novella format. True to Cunnings style this book is hot! The sex is raunchy, intense, fun and goes all night long. But along side it all there is a true story line that envelopes many emotions and feelings. She really knows how to parallel the down and dirty with the sweet and sincere.
Adam is the hot lead guitarist for Sole Regret. He’s been dealt a crap hand and never known real love…until Madison. She has brought him from rock bottom and despite all his baggage still wants to be with him.
Madison knows there can never be anything more Adam than their occasional relationship. How could there be?…he’s one of the most famous rock stars in the world. But her heart only wants him. If only there could be more.
So when Adam rolls into Austin and meets up with Madison. Truths will be revealed. Some questions are answered and new questions will arise. But I guess we’ll just have to wait for Take Me!!!! *sigh* D.


  1. Read and LURVED Adam…I mean, Tempt Me 🙂
    Olivia’s writing is like she has been reading my pervy mind. I love her style and her rockers.
    Cannot wait for Jace’s book–HOT TICKET!