(Read October 11, 2012) The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

This book was a definite home run. It had all the elements you want in a contemporary… HOT guy, beautiful girl, some baggage or issue needed to overcome, some great banter and one-liners for humor, and obviously some great kissin’ and lovin’.
This book made me, laugh, cry, want to throw my reader in frustration, and swoon. Did I mention the HOT guy? Sorry, I’m quite distracted by Jack Carter. He was the ultimate ass you just couldn’t say no to. You wanted to hate his arrogance but were so drawn to him and just knew there was more to him than what was on the surface. Besides the fact he is a ball player—you know how great he’d look in that uniform (*focus on the review Denise*) Okay—so J Sterling knows the right balance of angst and humor. She is so quick-witted, her one-liners between Jack and Cassie will have you spittin’ your drink laughing. The back and forth quips between Jack and Cassie really made the book for me. I also really enjoyed how Sterling used her knowledge of the insides of baseball to add to the storyline. It made the connection and relationship between Jack and Cassie more believable and understandable.
I do wish that Sterling had gone into more detail about Jack and his past. I felt somewhat craving more of the angst in Jack’s life. I almost feel like if I knew more of him I could understand some of his actions throughout the story. There were a few times I questioned this and it almost didn’t make sense as to why he would behave in a certain way. That being said, Jack was still a great character with whom I loved and connected. Maybe, his story is being saved for more? Hmm I also felt that there were a couple of moments that were a bit rushed. Especially regarding Jack and Cassie’s relationship. I feel like we could have had more of them getting to know each other. There wasn’t the build up that I felt when I read her other book Chance Encounters. The chemistry was there between the two, I just wanted to see more of it.
The secondary characters were great and added the right vibe to the story and connected everyone without being disjointed or choppy. I would definitely love to see more of Jack’s brother Dean.
So even with those areas I felt should have had more development, the story had me loving Jack, crying for Jack, laughing at Jack, and wanting to smack Jack. JACK!!! That’s what I want a book to do to me. Therefore…The Perfect Game was a solid read and definitely should be on your to-read list. D 4/5

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