Rock My Bed by Michelle A. Valentine ~NEW REVIEW~

Rock My Bed coverIf you haven’t read Rock The Heart or Rock The Band do not read Rock My Bed!!! STOP what you are doing and one-click these puppies… like yesterday!!!! 😉

If you love HOT Bad Boy Rock Star reads Rock My Bed by Michelle A. Valentine is just what you are looking for! OMG I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this book!!!!!! I was a little late jumping on the Black Falcon series bandwagon as I only recently had the time to read Rock The Heart and Rock The Band, both AMAZING books by the way! I knew that Rock My Bed was going to be incredible but I seriously had no idea that it would become one of my most favourite Hot Rocker reads!!! This book is HOT, sexy and a little dirty, let’s face it this is Riff’s story 😉 I honestly couldn’t put this one down. Rock My Bed – 1, sleep – 0 ☺

Aubrey is a spitfire; she makes her own rules and enjoys life. She looks out for those she loves but she wants what most women want out of life, a future with a man who loves her. Riff is your typical bad boy rocker man-whore, Mmmmm 😉 All the ladies want a golden ticket to the Riff show! Sadly, Riff is haunted by the demons of his past. The connection between these characters is electric, you can feel the sparks flying! Sadly neither wants to get burned. Will they take a chance on love? I am so completely in love with Rock My Bed and it’s characters, I love Noel and Lane but Aubrey and Riff are my favourite couple in this series! I was completely a Noel girl but I can honestly say that I have switched teams!! Riff has won my heart!

Rock My Bed, is addictive, just like Riff’s Oreos! Its funny and heartfelt, sexy and hot with just the right amount of dirty 😉 The only problem I had with Rock My Bed… I WANT MORE!!! Don’t miss out on this FAB read, you’ll be sorry you did!  N. 5/5


  1. you have me convinced I need to get these books to the top of my TBR list!

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