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RocktheBandHey all,

So you know how much Flirty and Dirty luuuurrrrves us some Michelle Valentine. Rock The Band gave us a bit more to love. This was a fabulous novella that gave us more reasons to fall for the hottie book boyfriend we have all come to adore; NOEL FALCON!

Michelle Valentine and her Black Falcon Series have a way of making your literary heart sing.  Her debut hit Rock the Heart, climbed the charts and became one ‘playlist’ everyone wanted to read. And as any good entertainer knows, you have to give the fans a little taste between gigs. Michelle Valentine delivered with the release of Rock the Band. This ‘EP’ is the stuff. Great lyrics and full melody. I’m not usually into novellas. This one is making me look into some different vibes. I loved how Rock the Band played to your heart. It wasn’t just filler work. It was meaningful and gave us some insight in to Noel Falcon and who this front man is. I also really enjoyed how it will make the move into Rock My Bed fluid. It’s like the perfect song where the lyrics flow with the perfect guitar riff. Thank you Michelle Valentine.

Here is my full review of Rock the Band

Rock the Band is the novella or book #1.5 of the Black Falcon Series. It’s all about the divine decadence of Rock Group Black Falcon. Specifically, their front man Noel Falcon. He is a rockin’ sex god who has given his heart to the love of his life, Lane.

What can I say? We wanted more Noel Falcon and we got more of him.In Michelle Valentine’s debut novel Rock The Heart, we definitely had beautiful music. It’s companion novella, Rock the Band is no B- side cut. This is going straight to #1 on the charts.This time it’s all about Noel and Lane. This time they have found their perfect ballad and are swaying to their love for one another and reconnection. And let me tell you, this is a power ballad. The HOT factor has not faded to background music. In fact it is pumping through the speakers loud and clear.Quite often, authors try to put too much into a novella and therefore cause too many gaps and disconnects. This results in some diluted melodies and less than stellar lyrics; so not the case with Michelle Valentine and Rock the Band. She was able to keep focused on one aspect of Noel and Lane’s relationship. Which resulted in rich harmonies, solid melodies and killer lyrics.Let me say that Rock the Band was no filler EP album. We got the full deal in a precise playlist. No auto tune, just clear, rich sound. Michelle Valentine is no opening act. She is the headliner!

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