~ROCKED UNDER by Cora Hawkes~ Review

16051780When you see the cover for Rocked Under and put it together with the title, you figure it is going about some tatted up, bad boy, rocker. Of course it is. And there have been a lot of books lately that are centered around a tatted up, bad boy, rocker. So what makes Rocked Under worth reading? Is it the sexy hot front man, Scott Mason? Is it the unavailable British belle, Emma? Maybe it’s the sexual tension and angst. It’s all of these things.

Rocked Under definitely has the formula for a good read.

What Rocked: I loved how the main characters, especially Scott, were able to communicate and convey meaning non-verbally. Author Cora Hawkes, used Scott’s eyes to tell parts of his story. When it comes to Emma, Hawkes uses her love to dance to tell parts of her story. There were also other gestures (mainly by Scott), that may have seemed insignificant during the first half of the story, that came to mean more in the last half. Sorry, this aspect you will have to read the book to see if you can see this.

I also enjoyed that in this book, it wasn’t just one of the characters pulling away it was both. However, frustrating it was that Scott and Emma were constantly going back and forth playing games of the heart, I found it helped keep the characters connected to one another. It was balanced.

Cora Hawkes is English, so I was glad that she kept that aspect in her writing. In other words, she did not completely Americanize it. Granted, she had Emma come from Britain. But the voice and vocab gave the story some flavour without the overuse of cuss words or vulgarity.

Another aspect of the story that I found interesting was the lack of description of geography. As a reader you know that Emma arrives from Britain but there is never mention of where she arrives to. You assume it is North America but there is never specific mention of any landmarks or city names. Quite often place and geography is important to the story or aids in the flow and advance of the story. In this instance it was insignificant. I loved then that you could concentrate on the core of the story.

Didn’t make my playlist: At times, the back and forth emotional game playing was frustrating. You wanted to smack both Scott and Emma upside the head. However, they were young and young love is irrational and stupid at times. 😉 Also, the relationship with Emma and her dad was a bit rushed from where it was to where it went. Normally this wouldn’t bother me but her father and their relationship played a big part in who Emma was emotionally; especially with her feelings toward Scott. There was also a point in the story where Emma meets Scott’s dad. I found myself wondering the point to their meeting. It was extremely brief and I found that nothing was necessarily revealed or gained for the story. Had this part been omitted in the story, you would be none the wiser and the flow of the story would not have altered in the least.

As anyone who has read my reviews, I’m a sucker for tatted up bad boys. Scott is no exception and he definitely gets added to my book hottie list. With a couple of skips in the track, Rocked Under is a great read. It’s one that surely lets you escape your daily grind and enjoy just a little literary bliss. So yep, I think it should be added to your TBR.  D 4/5


  1. VERY clever review! 🙂 This one is definitely going on my playlist! 😉

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