ROCKS & GRAVEL (Peri Jean Mace #3) by Catie Rhodes~ Review



Peri Jean Mace knows ghosts create chaos in her life. She also knows the Mace Treasure spawns blood, death, and sorrow. They’re both trouble and she wants nothing to do with either one.

When a ghost steals secrets about the cursed fortune, Peri Jean is dragged kicking and screaming into the dangerous world of the treasure and the people who hunt it.

Now she’s stuck between a vengeful ghost and treasure hunters willing to do anything—even murder—to get rich quick. A storm of curses, old betrayals, and murder are about to rain down on Peri Jean. Can she accept the truth about herself and save all she loves before it’s too late?


This was my favourite of the series so far. Catie Rhodes did a great job with this fast paced, suspenseful story. I loved that she brought more of the ghost aspect and Peri Jean being a medium into the story. Throughout the entire story, Rhodes had me wondering “whodunnit.” The character interactions were intense and had me turning the pages and not wanting to put the story down.
It’s been a while since I’ve read fantasy or paranormal and this book hit the spot. I enjoy the characters and I enjoy how Rhodes weaves the Louisiana southern charm and sass into her story. She does a good job of balancing the paranormal with the “regular” parts of the story. There’s good humour and I love the one liners. They often have me giggling out loud and repeating them. Rhodes does well at keeping the reader in suspense without getting bored or wanting to flip to the last page to find out. I was completely engaged right to the end and didn’t suspect the person at all. And even when she reveals, she keeps you engaged with the what’s and the why’s. I can’t wait to see how where she takes the reader in the next instalment and I’m really curious about Wade Hill’s character.
D 4.5/5

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