RUIN YOU COMPLETELY by Calia Read~ Review and Trailer

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This was my second Calia Read story but my first introduction to the Sloan Brothers. Let’s just say I will be reading the other two very, very soon.

Calia Read has no problem drawing a reader into the story. In RUIN YOU COMPLETELY, she used the romantic setting of music (specifically piano, my favorite instrument, and Germany. Europe always gets me and sets you up for falling in love).

Mathias Sloan… I don’t know much about his brothers Macsen and Thayer but damn if the genetics run deep in that family. Mathias is a raw, no nonsense presence. He’s a brooder but in the sexiest of ways. I love his back story—which you don’t get the full details until near the end. And I tell ya, I kept reading and reading until my questions were finally answered. The anticipation was fabulous and I didn’t think that Calia Read extended or delayed too much at all.

Katja… love this name!– is a spitfire. I loved her cheekiness and her naivety. These qualities didn’t make her appear too young or inexperienced. It made her hopeful, strong and passionate. I loved that she would stand up to Mathias even when her resolve was breaking down.

The chemistry between Mathias and Katja was electric. The back and forth denying their true feelings gave me whiplash and made me want to throw my reader. I would be screaming at one of them to just eat their humble pie and give in to their feelings. If these characters were real, I’d shake them silly.

The timeline of the story is well paced and I love that it didn’t happen over a matter of a few days rather it was over a couple of years. This made it much more real and relatable.

As I said this was my second book of Calia Read’s and it definitely won’t be my last.

D 4/5

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Ruin You Completely from Becca the Bibliophile on Vimeo.

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