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16242085Let me start by saying that when I read Nicole Reed’s Ruining Me, book one, I was absolutely taken with the depth of her writing. There was so much emotion in it. This wasn’t just angst thrown in for effect. It was palpable. It was viable. So needless to say, Ruining You was on the top of my anticipated releases. Nicole Reed did not hold back or leave me wanting for the missing piece. It was all there. The heart, the intensity, the fight of the characters was there for the taking.

I was most impressed with the evolution of a couple of secondary characters. Specifically, Rhye and Cal. And although on paper, their part was very small, they were so significant and meaningful to Jay’s journey. There is a particular part where Jay and Cal get to have one of their first conversations. It absolutely tore at my heart but it was one important moment that was so pivotal to what unfolds and what gather in Jay’s self and her healing. The characters reactions and emotional displays were so genuine and organic. They were not fluffed up or over dramatized. Again, this was further evidence to the intrinsic thoughts and style of author Nicole Reed.

The character of Jay was like watching a little one learning to walk for the first time. You knew she would get there but you had to watch her fall a few times and get back up to practice some more. I also was extremely appreciative of the fact that Reed does not give us the ‘Disney’ solution where everything is keen once you come to a certain point in the book. I can identify more with a story when there are still fissures in the walls.

Often when reading or reviewing, the little things can go unnoticed. At the beginning of each chapter there are small journal entries. Sometimes it’s just a sentence or it could be just a few words.  These entries tell a story on their own expressing how Jay needs to heal. Throughout the book there are dreams that Jay experiences. Again, it’s these dreams that are of significance to Jay’s healing and what her heart and mind need to do to fight for her life physically and emotionally. The metaphor that Nicole Reed uses in these dreams (I cannot say—you’ll just have to read) is hauntingly beautiful. I’m not even sure where she could have pulled a more eloquent idea from; experience or otherwise. I was completely involved in how she describes these dreams.  It was a beautiful ugliness to bring life to something that does not physically live or breathe but has such potent and compelling presence. It wasn’t overbearing but enough to remind you of the struggle.

I am truly impressed with the level of experience and maturity with which Nicole Reed writes. There are those that can write a story and there are those that can make you feel and experience the story. I think you’ll agree when I say Reed will definitely give you an experience. D 5/5

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for all of your love and support!! Jay’s character is very near and dear to my heart. Thank you for loving my “book family” with me!! 🙂

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