~RUNNING ON EMPTY by L.B. Simmons~ Review

RunningOnEmpty_NEW_fullI adored this novel. I loved that this was a grown up story. This was a story that had experience. I could relate to so many aspects of the story but there were also elements of it that grabbed my heart and brought me further into the story. L.B. Simmons did a wonderful job of making this story real life. There was nothing over the top or superfluous. The feelings were real and made their way into your heart as you read through the book.

The characters were fantastic.  They weren’t uber perfect or out of reach. They made mistakes, were humble, and had pancake dates with three amazing and astute little girls. They were ‘everyday’ gorgeous.  I immediately connected to the main character Alex. The mommy side of her life had me laughing constantly. I think that most of us mom’s have a toothpaste story. And although her heart wasn’t full, she pushed through and gave 100% always to her girls and the people who mattered most in her life. A truly strong woman without being an all out cold bitch.

One aspect of Running On Empty that L.B. Simmons worked into the story incredibly well, was three secondary characters that will steal your heart and make you smile from the inside out and outside in. They were Alex’s three daughters Kyndall, Nycole and Rylie. I haven’t read a book yet, where the children of the main characters were pivotal to the story —where their own story was told.  These little girls gave Running On Empty so much more life and heart.  They represented old love, new love and letting your heart smile and enjoy what life had to offer.

We can’t mention Running On Empty without mention Blake Morgan… he is all man.  Not only is he gorgeous and rugged but also humble, down to earth and has a heart that will love you to the end. But he isn’t about to let his heart get stomped on repeatedly either.

Harlow, is a best friend many of us hope for and some of us are fortunate to have in our lives. She calls you on your shit but is protective to a fault and will always put you before herself.

Running On Empty was well thought out and developed. Events and feelings were clear and intentional. There was nothing vague yet nothing was cliché or overly predictable. It was a thoughtful story of the heart. L.B. Simmons story is fluid and flows so easily through your emotions. Even in heartbreak, you feel warmth and strength. This is a story you instantly fall in love with and want more of.

If you haven’t read Running On Empty (Mending Hearts Series #1)— get on it. If it’s on your TBR- bump it up.  D5/5

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