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Safe (Conquering, #1)Safe by Ryan Michele

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Safe was one of those books that pleasantly surprised me.
Initially when I was a few chapters into the book, i felt a familiarity to another series I have read. So needless to say i was worried that this would be more of a reread rather than something with it’s own twist. As I continued to read, the story evolved more and more and I found myself wanting to find out how the story would finish and where the characters would be at the end of all the events.
The antagonist Rob who is Sadie’s (female m/c) ex is a horrible, ugly, controlling person. His personality and character were definitely portrayed well in this story. I cringe at the mere thought of this character. Ryan Michele did not overindulge in his ugliness. His hideous nature did not deserve to be showcased in this book but she gave us a clear picture so that we could understand and empathize with Sadie.
Sadie’s character was vulnerable and cautious of men yet she was strong enough to build a life that was safe. I felt her character was balanced and how a young woman that was overcoming an abusive past would be.
Landon was incredibly book boy worthy. His southern charm was sincere and sexy. I enjoyed his character a lot and thought he was extremely thoughtful and aware of Sadie’s situation. His brother’s were funny and just as sincere and loyal. I liked the loyalty and closeness of their family relationship. I hope that Ryan Michele writes stories about these two brothers as well.
I thought Ryan Michele did a good job of writing about the subject of domestic/spousal abuse. She did not fluff it so that it wasn’t a viable story nor did she make it so heavy and graphic that it was unreadable.
I found the pacing of the second half of the book much better than the first half. Overall the story is a good one. One worth reading. This is Ryan Michele’s debut novel and it was a great one. D 3.5-4/5

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