~SAVED by Kelly Elliott~ Review



It feels like so long ago when I read this book with what I thought had an amazing and beautiful cover.  I remember contacting the author to tell her I thought the cover of her book Wanted was amazeballs and coupled with the fact that one of the main character’s name was Gunner; I was all over it and absolutely going to read.  When I was done reading it, my review of it was in a nutshell this… incredible story, great effort for her debut but I know that she has more in her. I could feel she had way more as an author to throw at us and I wanted to see that. She thanked me for my honesty and told me she was in the process of writing Saved.  I told her I was looking forward to it and couldn’t wait to see her grow as an author.  Fast forward to reading Saved…

I feel like Kelly Elliott took what I said about her talent and really listened cuz Saved knocked me on my ass. I usually read a book in a day. This time I found myself setting the book down to really take in what I was reading. Not only that, I couldn’t read with all the tears clouding my vision and having to clean up the snot running down my face because I had become so emotionally invested in this book.  Was it the story itself that did this?  I don’t think so. This time it was the heart that Kelly Elliott wrote with. It was her emotions I could feel through this story.  There were a couple of situations in the story that really hit home. Kelly Elliott wrote them with such sincerity and reality.  These weren’t just words to paper. She had experienced these things in her life whether through her own life or through friends and family. Nonetheless, she didn’t just gloss over them or make them out to be a cheesy scene in the book. It wasn’t a case of ‘hey let’s put this in a book because readers eat this shit up.’  Kelly Elliott put her heart on those pages. She wrote with the life that flows through her veins and her soul.  And you could feel this as if she was sitting in front of you laying her out there for you to see.

This is what a book should be about.  Yes we read to escape and yes Saved has delicious cowboys you only dream would come knocking on your door. But by the same token we read to feel. We read to feel what we don’t always get to. Elliott delivered in this second installment to the Wanted Series. She found the spot in my heart that is tucked away and not everyone always gets to see. She had the tears rolling down my face uncontrollably while I used an endless supply of Kleenex to mop up the facial mess. Do not wear make up while reading Saved. You have been warned. Not only did she have that effect on me but also she made me laugh and enjoy reading about Ells, Ari, Heather and the boys.   The connection and closeness these characters had with one another—you can only write about them if you have experienced them.

I also must mention how Kelly wrote in the story line of Ari’s little brother and him having Fragile X syndrome was beautiful. I can’t articulate it any other way. You will have to read Saved to see for yourself and be touched by it.

On to some lighter things about the book…

Damn if I don’t want to move to Texas if the men are like Gunner, Jeff and Josh. They are all kinds of man—gorgeous, attentive, sweet and the lovin’ they give. Mmm mmm mmm. Even when they are having their asshat moments, you can’t help but love ‘em. Elliott ruins us city girls who now want a cowboy 😉

Ells, Ari and Heather are fabulous female characters. I love their sassy spitfire attitudes yet they are warm, loving women with heart who can be hurt and can be vulnerable. I find that when the book boys are so formidable, the book gals fall to the way side but not these three.  These girls hold their own and I absolutely love that about them. I enjoy how they balance each other out and are always there for each other to rein each other in or run full tilt into the pit together.

I can’t wait for FAIHTFUL!!!! Kelly Elliott you did it girl. You brought it and blew me away.  I can’t wait to read more from you.  D 5/5

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