Shattered PromisesShattered Promises by J.R. Grant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Shattered Promises was a heartwarming story of second chance love. This was J.R Grant’s debut story and she did a fantastic job of making Shattered promises sincere and true to the heart. I always enjoy a love story that spans a lifetime of changes and adversities but somehow manages to never waiver even when those involved don’t always see it.
JR Grant did a good job of creating characters with viability and believability. There were times however, that I felt Parker was too soft and really should have found his balls to speak up or quit pining. Just my opinion though. And again my opinion only but that parts of the story were too drawn out or repetitive. I would have liked to see more of the ‘relationship’ between Lani and Kade in action rather than in thought or exposition. I think it would have made more impact on me as a reader to ‘see’ it rather than to have to just know it was there and that it happened.
I know many people will think that Lani wasn’t a strong enough woman but unless you walk a mile in a woman’s shoes that has been in that sort of a relationship, you have no idea and can pass no judgment. Emotions and your heart don’t always have a solid connection to the brain. Just sayin’. So at times when Lani appears weak, it sometimes takes greater strength to find the resolve and the fortitude within yourself.
Overall this was a story that tugs at your heartstrings and root for the underdog. There could have been more emotion ‘shown’ through character action rather than character exposition. But overall a good read. I look forward to seeing more from JR Grant.

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