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Sick Day

Sick Day by Morgan Parker
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Every time I sit down to write a review of a particularly good book, I struggle to find the words to do it justice. There a couple of authors whose writing I struggle to describe as eloquently and articulately as they have written their story. Morgan Parker is one such writer. And the more I read from these types of readers the more it seems I search for the spot where they are going to falter and prove that they cannot continue to write these amazing stories.
What I just finished reading shows me that Morgan Parker is determined to squash my theory because SICK DAY was thoughtfully written, with the right amount of quirk and something that defines his writing, separating from other books out there. And it was true. The truest of a love story—in all its selfishness, uncertainty, anger, sadness and heart. This wasn’t the perfect story because there has yet to be such a thing in my opinion. Not perfectly written but perfectly told. And the words that Morgan Parker puts to paper perfectly resonates with me.
One of the things Parker is great at doing is allowing you to feel a myriad of emotions not only throughout his story but even with one paragraph or one line. And what I love about that is matters of the heart do the same thing.
There were definitely a couple of words or phrases I felt were overused and I do remember reading one of them and actually rolling my eyes thinking, “Change it up buddy. We get it.” Did this alter my enjoyment of the overall story? Nah not at all. It’s just one of those things that isn’t always caught when it goes to editing and a final read through.
Honestly when I read a Morgan Parker story such as Sick Day, I am more invested in the questions that are invoked. There is always one scene in any of his booksthat makes me want to tear apart the book page by page searching for an answer. The big question of “What does this mean? and “Why did you write this in here?” always has me stewing for days after reading it. LOVE THIS ASPECT!!! It is written with intent with almost an out of the blue approach to it. I can’t even explain it but is a big reason why I love his stories.
Reviewing a Morgan Parker book is not complete without mentioning that quite possibly his personal introspect on love and relationships—his books aren’t cookie cutter like so many out there. His formula isn’t the same, yet what I feel, is. When I had finished Sick Day, my thoughts and theories on what drives us to love in the first place, what makes us give up love (not to be mistaken with give up on love), what makes us chase a first love or the ideals of a first love and what makes us think that our love is more important all came rushing together. These are things we can analyze and beat to death but ultimately may never come up with a definitive answer. What I love is that I can look on my own history of love (with a smile on my face) and know that it doesn’t matter if we are still looking for it or think we have found the perfect love, we must continue to evolve our love, keep chasing love, and most definitely never give up on love.
SICK DAY is an incredible journey and example of love that makes you irrational, selfish, push the limits, and risk everything in your life for one sick day—one chance at proving that the truest form of love exists.
D 4/5

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