SLAMMER by Tabatha Vargo~ Review


Slammer by Tabatha Vargo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tabatha Vargo is known for writing hot alpha males. Slammer is no different. However, she added in a big unexpected. I really enjoyed the suspense and build up to this unexpected moment. Vargo gave us the perfect balance of sexy with intensity and suspense.
I will say she pushes the limits on whether this is a viable/realistic plot line but I like my fiction and the fantasy of what ifs with sexy alpha males. However if you don’t like when reality is pushed too far to “that probably wouldn’t happen” then how Lyla and Christopher get together might not sit well with you.
Vargo does a good job of creating hot chemistry between Lyla and Christopher. There is no denying or overlooking that no matter the premise of their relationship. Both characters personalities and flaws are believable and draw the reader into the book. Christopher aka X is bad to the core but you feel a sense of compassion and hopefulness for him. Layla is independent and feisty but has her vulnerabilities. Again you find yourself being cheerleader for these two.
Overall this was a good read that I really enjoyed. Vargo did a great job with continuity, flow, speed of the story and keeping you in the dark just enough to make you keep turning the pages and not give up in frustration.
D 4/5

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