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6994530D and I would like to welcome you all to today’s Spotlight on Author K J Bell.  This fabulous lady is someone you should definitely keep an eye on as we feel we will all be seeing a lot of her in the future.  


About K J Bell

I’m a mother of three. When I’m not writing, I’m usually carting around my three children to their various activities. Actually, only two have activities, the three-year old is forced to tag along. In the summer months, I spend more hours on baseball and soccer fields than I do in my own home.

For some mindboggling reason, I live in Massachusetts. I dislike the snow, the humidity and the bugs. So basically, this is the last place on earth I should live. Fall is beautiful here and almost makes me forget, almost.

I love music and reading and I’m equally addicted to both. 

Meeting new people rocks, so friend request me.


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Flirty and Dirty Book Blog’s Q&A with Author K J Bell 

Irreparably Broken was an incredible read, what was the inspiration behind the story?

Interestingly enough, I have a friend (we’ll call her, Liv) and she has two brothers. You get the idea. They were nothing like Brady and Tug, but they lived through some crazy secrets. She inspired me to ask some, “how do things go that far” questions. I have to laugh when I read a review about how “far fetched” the end of IB is. The end is closer to “real life” events, that the rest of the book. Given I knew some of this story would hit close to home for my Liv, I asked her permission to embellish. She told me to “go for it”. I love my, Livvy. 

I absolutely loved Tug and Brady, where ever did you come up with these two amazing sexy men?

Tug was inspired by my three year old. When she wants something she “tugs” on my shirt. One morning I told her I was going to call her, Tug. She replied, “No, Tugs a boy’s name.” It all came together from there. Tug’s personality and sense of humor was a must. How else would one be so comfortable with the name? It doesn’t hurt that I’m married to one of the funniest men on the planet.

Brady. Oh, Brady. He came to me in a dream as Taylor Kitsch. We had watched Battleship that evening on demand. I’m sure it was subliminal. I spent a few days outlining his struggles and figuring out who I wanted him to be. 

Irreparably Broken 2 is being written, what can we expect to see in book 2 and when are you planning on a release?

Without giving too much away, book 2, Irreversible Damage, will create more confusion for, Tori. Brady peruses a music career and, Tug is a successful businessman. She wants stability. ID is a tear jerker with more “WTF” moments. I’m going to give Tori and Brady’s relationship the ultimate test. You’ll have to read on to see if they pass. I’m shooting for an October release.

Do you have a dream cast for Irreparably Broken and if so, who are they?

I didn’t, but after some of the bloggers started casting, I found some perfect fits. For me, Brady will always be, Taylor Kitsch. Tug is Simon Nessman. Tori, Erin Heatherton. Liv, Minka Kelly. Harrison, Justin Hartley.

You have just released your second book The Locket which is paranormal read, when did you have time to write two books so close together?

The Locket was actually my first undertaking and took six long years to come together. As for finding time, I take my lap top everywhere. Over the winter, my son’s baseball practices are indoors, so I sit in the car, in the far corner of the lot, typing away. I’m sure the parents think I’m anti-social. I put the kids to bed, start the coffee pot and stay up as late as my brain allows. I also have “grandma”. My mom babysits, often, as well as does laundry and dishes more than she should. I’m grateful beyond words. Without her, I’d still be writing both books.

Which do you prefer to write, contemporary romance or paranormal?

I prefer to write whatever inspires me. The Locket, wrote itself after my daughter waved at cemeteries without people. The entire family was alarmed by it, but I turned it into something else. It was fun to write and I plan to release the second (and final) book at the end of the year. I love all genres, so who knows what the future will inspire me to write.

Who are some of the authors who have inspired you??

Jessica Park is a huge inspiration to me. I love her writing. But, more than that, she knows who she is and will always stay true to that. She has a strong literary backbone and I think that’s important. J.A. Redmerski, also. She has a gift for developing characters and delivering the story in a way that makes the reader feel every emotion. That’s something that I strive for.

What are 5 fun facts that we may not know about Author K J Bell??

I eat my French fries with mayonnaise. And yes, I tried it for the first time after watching Pulp Fiction.

I grew up performing in the theater.

I’m considering a tattoo. I think I’ll get one to celebrate my first best seller, optimistic, I know. Don’t tell the husband. Even though he has some, he doesn’t want me to.

One of these days, I’ll write a book about when I first met my husband. Yes, that wild! He flew hovercraft for the Navy and had the attitude to match. He left me alone the first night with a friend they call “two beers”. That is all for now.

I’m extremely shy and uncomfortable around new people. Once I get to know you though, you can’t shut me up.

 Books By K J Bell

Irreparably Broken

Nic’s Review of Irreparably Broken

Sometime ago a lovely lady contacted us wanting to know if we would be interested in taking a look at the novel she was working on.  After reading the synopsis I was completely sold hook, line and sinker!  It looked absolutely AMAZING and I was dying to get my eyes on it ;-)   Irreparably Broken by K J Bell,  is everything I hoped it would be and so much more…. FABULOUS read!  An angst filled, full of sexy hotness, raw love story.  It was everything I look for in a read.  It pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down until I was finished (except when work got in the way, damn day job!!).  I was completely consumed by the story and the characters, it was all I could think about.  I had one helluva book hangover after I finished  because I wasn’t ready for it end!  I promise I will never look at a tissue the same way again <3 <3

LOVED LOVED LOVED the characters that K J Bell has created!  Victoria (Tori) is very guarded, having been hurt in the past.  She whole heartedly cares for those she loves.  Her heart knows what it wants but her head isn’t sure.   Liv is every girl’s best friend.  She’s caring and funny (she ‘s absolutely hilarious) and loves her family and friends with all she’s got.  Tug is BRILLIANT, I loved him!  Sexy and sweet., he loves Tori wholeheartedly but knows that she thinks of him as a brother, or does she ;-)  I absolutely LOVED the banter between Tug and Tori, it was so realistic and completely hysterical.  I dare you not to fall for this funny, sexy man.  Then there’s Brady *swoons* this sexy tormented man amazed me.  I felt as conflicted as Tori when it came to Brady! There is so much to his story that you can’t help but fall completely head over heels for him,  he had my heart aching.  Finally there’s Harrison.  Loved Harrison’s character because he made me so mad, I wanted him to stop interfering in where I wanted the story to go!  My fingers are crossed that K J Bell gives us some more of these brilliant characters as I feel some of their stories still need to be told (hope she feels the same way, hint hint).

This riveting angsty love story, took me on one heck of an emotional roller coaster.  The conflict that the characters were going through was so real and raw.  Then there are the OH EM GEEEE moments in the storyline!!!!  So many unexpected twists and turns that had me picking my jaw up off the ground.  Just when I thought that I had all figured out… Nope, not even close.  Looking for something hot to read??  Irreparably Broken is full of sexy steamy passion *fans self*.  The love scenes are hot, sexy and tastefully written.  Might want to check your blood pressure while reading this one, LOL!  What is it about rainy nights ;-) Honestly, for me, Irreparably Broken is the whole package!!  Congrats K J Bell for an absolutely amazing debut, you ROCKED it Girl!  N. 5/5





17608651The Locket

Due to heavy subject matter, language, and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature readers. 

Some things are just mean to be… 

For seventeen year old Claire Blake, life never stood still long enough to make friends or fall in love. But all of that was about to change. 

Maybe it’s the rumors her house is haunted or her parents are crazy that have Claire feeling like an outcast on her first day of school. Regardless, it’s obvious to Claire she’s not welcomed.

After meeting Brent Cassidy, she is drawn to him with irrefutable force, though they both adamantly attempt to deny it.

A series of supernatural events lead her to question her purpose in life. She’ll discover, love, friendship, and one’s importance is likely predetermined and undeniable.

Lolita Wine Glass



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