~SPOTLIGHT & REVIEWS~ Scarlett Metal’s I Remember You Series

Today’s spotlight is on Scarlett Metal’s Rock Star romance series, I Remember You.  These novellas are incredible!  For those of you who love stories about Rock Stars I encourage you to read these!!! You do not want to miss out on Lance and Sam’s story <3



I remember youI Remember You

Lance never got over his teenage love despite years of trying to forget her with alcohol, music, and other women.

Samantha dated lots of different guys after Lance, guys most girls would love to have even a chance with. No one can make her happy though; she compares them all to Lance.

Fate brings them together when Lance is in town for some family business. They end up spending a passionate night together but can they be more? Can they finally find their happily ever after?


“We spent the summer with the top rolled down.  Wished every summer would be like this.  You said I love you babe, without a sound.  I said I’d give my life for just one kiss.  I’d live for your smile and die for your kiss”  I Remember You – Skid Row




Nic’s Review of I Remember You

Being a teen in the 80’s I was into all of the metal hair bands so when I saw the title I Remember You I was reminded of one of my favourite songs from way back when.  Little did I know that when I one-clicked I Remember You by Scarlett Metal, I would fall head over heels in love with this story.  I Remember You is Lance and Sam’s epic story!  Being a novella, I wasn’t expecting too much just a quick hot read…Boy was I wrong.  I Remember You is full of story.  So much happens in this sexy, hot, slightly angsty read that you will forget you are reading a novella!  The only problem I had with I Remember You was that I wanted more!  I was completely addicted to this novella and its fabulous characters!  Honestly I felt like I had just uncovered a hidden treasure with I Remember You.  If you are looking for a quick and sexy hot read that will steal you heart away… I Remember You by Scarlett Metal is your next read!!!  N.  5/5



Home sweet homeHome Sweet Home

Things for Lance and Samantha have been picture perfect since they reunited four years ago. They are happily married with a little girl and another baby on the way. Lance’s career with the Forbidden Gods is stronger than ever. Samantha has some best-selling books to her name and her writing career is taking off.

In just a few short months, that perfect world starts to shatter. Lance has to go on tour without Sam. He has creative differences with management over the band’s latest album that have left him frustrated. He suffers loss after loss, not knowing if he can take much more. He turns to alcohol to numb the pain just like he did all those years ago when Sam left him.

Sam tries to be strong for her family when tragedy threatens to pull them apart but when Lance isn’t there for her when she needs him the most, she questions everything she ever believed about them and their love.

Lance is lost and hanging by a thread. Can Sam save him? Or is it too late? Will Lance be able to find his way back home?

Take me to your heart.  Feel me in your bones.  Just one more night and I’m comin’ off this long and winding road” Home Sweet Home – Motley Crew

Nic’s Review of Home Sweet Home

LOVE <3 this series and LOVE <3 Sam and Lance!!! I promise this novella has everything you are looking, it’s the WHOLE package!! Romance, angst and some serious SEXYNESS! I have am having a major book hangover right now because I love this couple so much and didn’t want this story to end!!! I was beyond excited when I heard that Scarlett Metal had written a second novella to I Remember You. Home Sweet Home, another FAB read titled after one of my favourite 80′s hairband metal songs was everything I had hoped for and wanted, the only problem…. AGAIN, I wanted more!!! Home Sweet Home was just as sexy as I Remember You but I also found it more gut wrenching then I Remember You. I love how Scarlett Metal incorporates real life in her stories which, had me feeling even more of a connection to the characters this time around. BUT, what I loved the most about Home Sweet Home is the love connection I felt between the characters. Home Sweet Home is a sexy romantic love story . This novella is packed with just as much story as the first and again, you won’t believe that so much story came out of this little treasure.  N. 5/5

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