STARTING OVER by Barbie Bohrman~ Review & Trailer


Single mom Vanessa Holt has a daughter she loves, a supportive family, and her art. Having given up on finding true love—if that even exists, which she doubts—she’s content to put romance on the back burner. But not everyone agrees. Those nearest and dearest are ready to see Vanessa let down her long blonde hair and have some fun.

To put their grumbling to rest, Vanessa agrees to go on a date with the next man who asks. Luckily for her, that man is Cameron Thomas, her daughter’s extremely handsome science teacher. She’d felt a spark of chemistry the first time she’d laid eyes on him. Now she’s ready to lay a whole lot more on the sexy bachelor.

But just as things get hot, they also get heavy. When the man who broke Vanessa’s heart reappears, her old doubts and fears about love rush to the surface. Will her fresh start with Cameron be over before it’s barely begun?

Available January 19th, 2016


Starting Over by Barbie Bohrman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first time reading from this author and I really enjoyed STARTING OVER.
Throughout the book, Bohrman mixed up the humour, angst, and swoon in just the right balance.
The story was fresh and real but also gives the reader the escape they’re looking for.
The characters are well written that even the secondary characters are memorable. Vanessa and Josie’s mother/daughter relationship was strong, endearing and the type of bond any mother hopes to have with their daughter.
I absolutely adored Cameron’s (Mr. Thomas) character. His shy, Star Wars geek was hot and not done enough in romance books. His unassuming charm and charisma made him every much as swoon worthy as the more common tatted up, muscular, obvious hottie book boyfriend.
The characters were mature, straight forward. I really liked that they weren’t whiny or wishy washy.
The humour in the story had me giggling out loud. I always enjoy a romance book that can add laughter to the story.
STARTING OVER is a quick, light, fresh read.
I would definitely read from this author again.
D 4/5


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