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SQUEEEEE!!!!!!! Nic and I are running around in circles, screaming, clapping, happy dancing!!!! We are ecstatic and excited to be part of the STEALING HARPER blog tour. Check out our Q and A with Molly McAdams and an exclusive excerpt from Stealing Harper.

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17607319Q and A with Molly McAdams

Thank you so much Molly for taking the time to answer some of our questions. We are so excited to share with our followers.

D and Nic: In all the books you have written so far (Taking Chances (Stealing Harper) and From Ashes), there is, from what I see a huge focus on family. The family unit helping and supporting each other—really being there for one another. Is this something you consciously thought about to put into the stories?

MM: It’s not, actually! But I come from a very close-knit family, as does my husband. And so it always seems to work its way into my stories.

D & Nic:  When you write your characters do you see them? In other words do you have a face in mind or a real person in mind to draw your characters life into the words you put to paper? Or do they just develop on their own as you go along?

MM:  The main characters I have an idea of what they look like, and when I think about them long enough, I start trying to find a celebrity that looks like what I’m seeing in my mind. Because usually in my mind, it’s just bits and pieces of them, so once I find an actual person that fits the most, it helps so much. Otherwise I obsess over what they look like as a whole.

D & Nic:  I hear many authors say the story takes on a life on its own where you, the author can’t push the ideas and they have no control over what happens in their stories when writing them. Does this hold true for you? I mean, you write about some very heart wrenching events.

MM:  This is incredibly true for me. There is a scene that shall not be named that I did not want to happen, and I tried to make it so it didn’t happen. Also, there are times in my books where I try to force my characters to do something and they just won’t do it. They’re like “Nope! Sorry, homie!”

D & Nic:  What makes a good book boyfriend? You create some of the best I might add 😉 Haha, why, thank you!

MM:  As women, we sure know what would make the “perfect” man. A bad guy with a sweet side. Incredibly handsome with a perfectly sculpted body. Able to pick us up and carry us. Protective over us to a fault. Broken in some way that we’re able to fix, and able to fix that broken piece of us. But it is all just a little too perfect, isn’t it? I guess that’s why they’re called “BOOK boyfriends”.

D & Nic:  How is Molly McAdams writing evolving? How are you growing as an author?

MM:  I don’t know if I’m the best person to answer this! You’d probably have to ask my readers, or better yet, my editor! Haha, I know … or HOPE … that my writing is slowly improving with each novel, but I think all I can say for sure is that I’m understanding I can take even more risks than I already have, and I’m going there.

D & Nic:  How do the stories come to you? Have you ever struggled in any of your stories to come up with a scene?

MM:  Almost every single one of my stories have started with a dream (there are two that are based loosely off my friends’ lives … so, those don’t start as dreams) and I think on those dreams long enough that I keep expanding it until it’s a story. Oh I’ve definitely struggled with scenes before. I just skip “B” and go from “A” to “C” and figure out “B” later!

D & Nic:  What do you find challenging about writing?

MM:  Uhh, the whole process? Haha, writing is hard, but I love it. For me, the most challenging thing is staying on ONE story. I’m always wanting to bounce around with different stories … er, well. I guess WANTING is the wrong word. I’m never just writing one story at a time. Haha

D & Nic:  What do you think makes you a good writer? I have to tell you, there is something about your writing that is so mature, so articulate and so eloquent for someone as young as you are.

MM:  Oh my word, thank you so much! A good writer needs to be a great storyteller. People can have ideas in their heads, but they need to be the type of person to be able to tell the story. I shocked my entire family when I told them I published a story. They knew how much I hated reading when I was growing up, and my history with English and Creative Writing. But one day, one of my sisters said, “Well, we should have known. You were the liar of the family.” And that still cracks me up. When I was young, I would come up with the most elaborate lies, and would go on and on about them. She still won’t let me live it down that when I was little I was POSITIVE there was a unicorn in the front yard! Even after I’d been punished, I was adamant that it had been there. Haha

D & Nic:  I know you have a few more projects lined up but what’s next? Are ideas coming to you all the time or is it something that has to come on its own? Like it just pops in your head one day?

MM:  Ooo, I have a lot coming up! Right now though, I’m focusing on Deceiving Lies. It’s the sequel to Forgiving Lies, and I’m having a lot of fun with this one. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of ideas coming at me right now, because I’m also working on an additional four stories. And if I get onto another one, I’m not sure I would be able to keep myself from starting it, haha!

D & Nic:  Can you see yourself writing in a different genre?

MM:  I’m not sure, I think New Adult: Contemporary Romance is probably it for me. One day I might go into Adult, but for now, this is what interests me. And I’ve tried my hand at paranormal before, I FAILED LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. I didn’t even keep what I’d been working on it was THAT bad.

D & Nic:  So far the female characters in your book have been the ones that are inexperienced and somewhat naïve, do you see yourself writing a story where the roles are reversed and it is the male protagonist that is broken and naïve?

MM:  Maybe not so much where the man is naïve, but broken, for sure. I’m also moving away from the females being naïve. It fit for the first two books, but not all of my books are that way. Actually, of the five books I’m working on, and Forgiving Lies coming out in October, I don’t really have another female character like Cassidy and Harper. But as for who is broken, there’s a whole bunch of change-up coming with that.

D & Nic:  Where does Molly McAdams see herself in say 5-10 years?

MM:  Hopefully doing exactly what I’m doing now. I love what I’m doing, and if I still have stories to tell y’all, then this is where you’ll find me!

D & Nic:  And we wouldn’t be flirty and dirty if we didn’t ask… tell us one flirty thing about you and one dirty thing about you. 😉

MM:  Flirty: One of those “girly dreams” I’ve always had was to be kissed good and hard in the rain. (Like, picture NOTEBOOK rain scene on the dock) And that’s actually never happened. Sad day! Hint, hint, HUBBY!

Dirty: Okay, so we were at the beach, it was really hot out that day and we were walking along the surf when it happened. At the time, I didn’t care about the consequences, because I didn’t see anything wrong in what I was doing … what I was saying. Then, in front of everyone, I screamed, “MOM! Look at its testicles!” I was really young and there were a TON of jellyfish that had washed up on shore that summer, I confused the words tentacles and testicles, and screamed it in front of a TON of people … what, you thought I was going to tell you a raunchy story? Haha, sorry bout it 😉

Thank you so much for chatting with us and answering our questions. This has been so much fun. We wish you success and we can’t wait for Stealing Harper. We have our industrial sized box of Kleenex waiting 😉

Exclusive Excerpt:

“I’m sorry.” I took a deep breath in and released her before sliding out. “Why are you apologizing – that was – just holy crap.” I wanted to ask what else she expected. But I hadn’t even lasted four minutes and had been so lost in a gray-eyed princess, that I don’t even remember it. “Get dressed Natalie.” After pulling on my own clothes and waiting for her to situate herself, I unlocked the door and led us back into the hall. Without another word I let go of her and went toward my room in another part of the house. Once I was locked in I groaned into my hands. What the hell just happened? Why had I pictured her in that way? Sex only, making love never. Those images had definitely been me making love to her, and how was I already getting hard again thinking about this? And about her especially? That’s it, it’s official…there’s something wrong with my dick. She’s a challenge, yeah, but that’s all. Shutting my eyes tightly, I tried to think about anything other than her and those fucking mesmerizing eyes, but nothing was helping. With a frustrated groan I shot off the bed and dug around my desk until I found my latest sketchpad. I focused on some pieces I was working on for myself, as well as my buddy Brian at the shop, and tried to push that girl out of my mind.

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