Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams ~Teaser#3~

The AMAZING Molly McAdams Posted this Teaser this morning on her Facebook Page for Stealing Harper!  Don’t know about you, but the wait is killing us!!!  Enjoy and have a great Monday 🙂

“Oh man, Chase!” Zach said and held a fist up while he tried to swallow whatever he was eating, “You missed a hilarious party on Friday. You know that Carter kid? Princess’ friend?”

I already didn’t want to hear this story. I hated that clown.

“Get this, homeboy takes Princess outside and kisses her right in front of all of us, starts declaring his love for her and goes to kiss her again when Brandon and Derek stepped in and took care of it. He freaked when Brandon wouldn’t fight him and got all loud and pissy, Brad ended the entire party because of it.”

“Good.” I huffed and glanced at Brandon like he was insane, “He kissed her and you didn’t doanything?”

He started to speak but Derek interrupted, “He handled it how he should have, and apparently it worked for Princess too, heard her moaning the next morning.”

My body went solid and Brandon tensed as he glared at Derek, “Shut the hell up, you know not to talk about her like that.”

Derek held his hands up and smiled, “Just sayin’, she sounded more than happy with whatever you two were doing.”

“Shut up man, you can talk about your girl all you want, but leave mine and what we do out of it.”

My hands curled into fists and Brad stepped right in front of me and started pushing me out of the living room, talking quietly, “Don’t Chase. We’re not going through this shit again. Just leave it alone, they’re dating it shouldn’t be shocking to you. You’ve got to start being okay with this.”

She was a fucking virgin, and he took that from her. I didn’t have to be okay with anything! I wanted to go back in there and beat the shit out of him more than anything, but with all of them standing around, I wouldn’t have even gotten one hit in. I thought about the time I’d just spent with her, and everything I’d just found out. Clown’s kissing her Friday, she’s screwing my best friend on Saturday and leaning in to kiss me today? She’s gonna make me feel like shit for the few girls she’d seen me with and tell me she’d just be another girl for me? Look in a fucking mirror, Princess, because obviously I’m just one of many guys for you.

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