~SUICIDE WATCH by Kelley York~ Review and Recommendation

suicidewatchI read this on a recommendation of Nyrae Dawn. I always love to see what writers love to read. I went in with no expectations at all. Let me say that Kelley York blew me away.

Suicide Watch is a simple story that is layered with so many emotions and thoughts.

 In the acknowledgements, author Kelley York mentions this about her characters and the book itself– ” …to really express what they’re feeling (even when they, themselves, don’t know how to express it) is draining and heartbreaking. This book isn’t meant to preach or to school, but simply to follow the journey of those who could be saved… and those who could not.”  Even in the heartbreaking moments of the story, I somehow felt reassured.

I enjoyed York’s raw and stripped writing style. There is nothing extraneous. There are no thesaurus, derived adjectives.  There are no fillers to break the awkward silence so to speak. The words are there in naked print. They say what they are supposed to say. So much so that you can truly feel the innocence and the hurt these characters shoulder. There is no wondering if there is more to the thoughts and dialogue.  This is where the beauty and eloquence of the story moves you and takes hold of your heart. .

The characters of Vince, Adam and Casper are so dynamic in what they never have to say. Casper’s outward quips, Adam’s silent observations, and Vince’s panicked reserve, although very different, bring you to one feeling that we all experience to some degree. The fear of being let down. The fear of being hurt. The fear of loving. The fear of wanting more.  I love how between the three of them, they were able to draw some hope, some strength and some air to breathe.

While Suicide Watch is heavy and angsty, I never felt like I was being pulled under. I never felt like I wouldn’t be able to get myself free. Don’t get me wrong. This book has burrowed itself within me. It’s that I can see beyond the angst.

I don’t often mention covers for books. The simplicity of it makes it so strong. But let me say after reading, Kelley York’s Suicide Watch, the cover tells part of the story as well.

Definitely put this on your TBR D 5/5


Suicide Watch Amazon link:   http://www.amazon.com/Suicide-Watch-ebook/dp/B00APOUS1M?&linkCode=wsw&tag=flianddirboob-20


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  1. I loved Kelley’s Hushed and have been waiting for something new from her. I will definitely be adding this to my review books.