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MARRYING EMBER (November Blue 3.5) by Andrea Randall~ Cover Reveal

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12380_10101460456634995_1184228137_nBlurb: It started like it always does. For musicians, anyway. The moment Bo Cavanaugh heard November Harris sing, it all clicked into place.

That was a year and a half ago. Between then and now there’s been unthinkable tragedy, ruthless heartache, and lifetimes of passion.

It was never a question in Bo’s mind that he would marry Ember someday. The question he faces, though, is can he do it before the weight of a family’s history pulls Ember away from him forever?

In this novella in the November Blue series, follow Bo as he sets out on the only quest he was ever meant to accept: Marrying Ember.

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~SWEET FORTY-TWO by Andrea Randall~ Review

Sweet Forty-Two (November Blue, #3)Sweet Forty-Two by Andrea Randall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this series!!!!

Ok so let me start with, you do not have to read the first two to understand and enjoy Sweet Forty- Two. However, there are characters a parts of the story line that come from the first two.

It’s no secret I fell in love with book #1 Ten Days of Perfect. This was Andrea Randall’s first book. It was good… really good. Well, with each book Randall gives us a bit more of who she is as a writer. She shows a little more heart and a little more of what goes on up in that head of hers.
So fast forward to me reading Sweet 42. There was no way i wouldn’t like it. I just knew. What I wasn’t prepared for is the direction Andrea Randall took this story. She pulled out all the stops and stripped herself bare as a writer. This sort of thing doesn’t happen in serial books. I mean we are talking this is worth reading as a stand alone. It is that good. Randall carefully scratches at the exterior of your heart so as not to damage it but enough to make you feel the characters angst and their struggles.
Georgia, the female m/c is quirky and animated– to mask her deep rooted fear of becoming something unknown. I love her edge and carefully constructed persona. But the sweetness of her true generosity and selflessness subtly plays in your peripheral visual. Enough to grab you attention and make you want to find out more about her.
Regan. Oh sweet Regan. He is casually and carefree sexy. You want to hold your hand out to him, to reassure him. He’s strong and manly enough not to hide his vulnerability. But broken enough to be cautious and unsure of his actions.
I have to mention Amanda, Georgia’s mom, her part in the story while small in appearing in the actual plot of the story, she was monumental. Her clarity amongst the unknown (I don’t want to spoil what that is) actually fuelled Georgia and Regan’s relationship. She was an unexpected hero– an amazing hero. Her confident resolve was proof that the stigmas and negativity surrounding mental health and mental wellness need to evolve and need more understanding.
Throughout the story, i couldn’t get it out of my head that although the mental illness that Amanda lived with wasn’t the surrounding point of the story, it could to be denied its presence. It melded the story together. It also was a significant reminder that everyone has a bit of ‘nonsense’ in their life. We all face the unknown. We all face the possibility of not knowing who we will be tomorrow or how we will live tomorrow. The whisper of mental illness in Sweet 42 screamed endless possibilities, second chances, understanding and living life with your heart to keep your mind open.
Sweet 42 is a must read for its beauty. Andrea Randall will make your heart sing, embrace nonsense and fall in love with life. D 5/5

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~RECKLESS ABANDON by Andrea Randall~ Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]*may contain spoilers to book #1 Ten Days of Perfect*

Andrea Randall has done it again. While reading Reckless Abandon, I fell in love with Bo Cavanaugh all over again.

Ten Days of Perfect left us with the mother of all cliffhangers. So needless, to say that I was eagerly anticipating this follow up would be an understatement. RA picks up where Ten Days left off… Ember with a broken heart. An otherwise strong, independent and quick mouthed November Blue is left feeling betrayed and broken. She questions everything she felt and everything she poured into loving Bo… But a connection like theirs couldn’t possibly be built on the deception. There has to be something real, something viable and worth saving right?

I really enjoy how Andrea Randall makes this more than a romance novel.  Her twists and surprises always leave you guessing. Just when you think you have something figured out she changes up the game plan. There was definitely a scene this time around where my jaw dropped. I was not expecting it at all. Enough said. Go read to find out what.

Randall has this talent for creating characters who will be who and what the individual reader chooses. In other words, they aren’t some cookie cutter clone seen so many times in other books.  Speaking of characters… BO!!!! — sorry I think I’ve collected myself enough to continue. I’m not just talking the male characters, although for the love of all things panty melting, her book men have it going on!

The women in this series are bold, strong and independent. Yet they aren’t intimidating or stone cold. Their hearts are vulnerable, they are loyal with a passion, and they love deeply and intensely. Although she was anything but nice, Ainsley’s character exhibits a vulnerability and insecurity that resides just a little in all women. She is like that bit of conscience that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear, that you might not be good enough. She’s the one that makes you second guess it all. The more involved presence of Bo’s sister, Rae further embraced the notion of strong women that can carry a story.  The women of the November Blue Series strengthen the idea that Randall writes more than just romance.

I might be lynched if I did not mention the guys of the series. And lets face it, they are so worth mentioning.

Adrian Turner turns on the charm and the schmexy in this installment of the series. He radiates confidence in the office and in the bed  😉 . He understands Ember and their past makes their present seamless. Underneath all that man is a heart that wants to love with all the passion and focus that he has poured into his career.

Regan– I absolutely love his character. He is laid back, musically gifted and has a heart of pure intention. I found his character balanced the intensity of Adrian and Bo. I’m hoping he may get his own story by the lovely Ms. Randall.

BO!!!!!!! — I can’t help but scream his name. 😉 Bo is a man’s man. His intensity set with all his gorgeousness would make any woman weak in the knees. In Reckless Abandon, you get to see a part of him that he so carefully tried to mask in Ten Days of Perfect. You need to read the story to understand and feel the character of Bo so I’m leaving you all with just a tease of who he is.

Andrea Randall does a fabulous job of creating characters that easily and fluidly carry the story; not the other way around. You never have the thought of why is this character here or what is the connection. The dynamics and inter connections are completely believable and relatable.

Reckless Abandon was very well thought out, leaving room for another book without a giant cliffhanger. You certainly are left with the feeling of ‘give me more.’ I also love that Randall developed a story that isn’t over the top. So although you read to escape the daily grind, you aren’t rolling your eyes and thinking ‘as if’. Rather, you are becoming more immersed and more invested in the story because you sit back and are thinking, ‘that just happened to a friend of mine’. Or ‘I completely understand how this character is feeling.’

Want a witty, saucy read?  Andrea Randall gives it to us in Reckless Abandon. There is a bit of everything… Suspense, angst, love and fun. Oh and BO!!!!!!!! D 5/5


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