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Relaunch of the Seattle Independent Press Portal

EXCITING news over at SIP today!!!!! The SIP portal has relaunched!!! What are you waiting for…


About the Portal

The SIP employee portal has re-launched, with a new and improved interface, powered by Grey Enterprises.

By completing tasks, you will earn special recognition and promotions. With each promotion, you will gain access to additional exclusive content and tasks.


About SIP

Seattle Independent Press (SIP) powered by Grey Enterprises, is committed to promoting distinctive voices from the Pacific Northwest and commissioning outstanding literary works that have the potential to open minds, inspire audiences, and change the world.

Over the past decade, SIP has grown to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier independent publishing house, releasing a range of titles from bestsellers to critically-acclaimed specialty non-fiction.

#OfficialFifty #FiftyShadesFreed

Have you visited Seattle Independent Press yet? Don’t miss out!


I was able to get a first look at https://seattleindependentpress.net (SIP) last week. Now you can join too! Sign up to gain Employee Access for sneak peeks at #FiftyShadesDarker and let us know what you think about it in the comments. #OfficialFifty


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