TAINTED BLACK by Shanora Williams~ Review


Tainted Black by Shanora Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always enjoy Shanora Williams’ books. She writes with a good balance of sexiness, humour and angst.
Whenever I read a book, I go into blindly (avoid reviews, do not seek out info on social media, etc.) The only thing I will do is look at the cover and read the blurb. So, I had no idea of the subject matter of the story.

I love books that tackle subjects that are “taboo” to many readers. I love those difficulties and challenges. I feel Williams did a great job in handling this storyline with a sincerity and thoughtfulness that many books do not have. I also think that many of us have fallen for the wrong guy and probably more than once. It usually never bode well for the heart or the mind but the attraction and the feelings are undeniable and incredibly strong.
Chloe and Theo fall into this category. Keep in mind there is nothing illegal or non consensual about the relationship but it is a touchy one for some.

I fully enjoyed the push and pull of Chloe and Theo’s relationship. I felt that Shanora Williams did a stand up job of letting us get to know the characters from all sides– individually, as a couple, family wise, socially, that the reader could really connect and understand the attraction and the love and lust between the characters. As a reader i was able to feel the indecision and the emotional pain from the characters.

Overall characters and story line were well thought out and written. The twist and unexpected moments were a really good “wow” factor. I also like how the secondary characters, mainly Sterling, factored into the story. I kept turning pages thinking something else was going to be revealed about him when the proverbial bomb blew and enjoyed where Williams took his story line.

I know most readers must have their HEA. Keep in mind this isn’t a Disneyfied HEA so it may not be for everyone. However, I felt that it really and truly was a HEA and it was the only one that could be. I think in real life it most definitely would happen this way.
TAINTED BLACK is another book on the Shanora Williams list that keeps me a fan. She keeps real with a big helping of sexiness, angst and fun.
D 4/5
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