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22040289Take Me with You by K.A. Linde

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There’s something about K.A. Linde’s writing and stories that just sucks me in and won’t let go. I love her characters and not just the book boys– although I’d be lying if I didn’t say they are hot!!!

TAKE ME WITH YOU the second and final instalment to this story had me on a roller coaster of emotions. Good thing I have my reader protected by very strong sturdy case. it might have hit a wall a few times. Grant and Ari are two characters who will infuriate you, leave you breathless and have you laughing out loud. Linde has an ability to make the chemistry between characters so incredibly dynamic that there is never a dull moment in the story.
What I love most in Linde’s books, is that the characters never waiver from who they truly are as people. They are strong, independent and ambitious but they are still vulnerable, have incredible heart and feel with everything they have. This makes for the perfect formula for a romance story. At least in my opinion.
What I loved about this story was the fact that it didn’t always focus on the ‘rock’ factor of Grant being a rock star but more his worth factor, especially in regards to his dad. I also loved the not too often ‘role reversal’ where Ari was the privileged female and more alpha than the male m/c. She often had Grant going out of his mind trying to figure out how to navigate the relationship.
I’m pretty sure there isn’t much of K.A. Linde’s writing that I won’t love. With every book, regardless if the story has been ‘done’ before, I feel like I get something new and refreshing from her stories. She balances the romance, the comedy and the angst perfectly to the point that I will think about her books constantly but not be in a hangover.
D 4/5

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