~TEXAS PRIDE by Kindle Alexander~ Review


I read Kindle Alexander’s TEXAS PRIDE on a suggestion from a couple of friends. I was a little hesitant to read. Not because of the m/m aspect but because quite often it seems that books of this genre are straight out porn. So not my thing. I need a story to go with the sex. Some heart, something to feed the sexual side of things.

Kindle Alexander did just that. TEXAS PRIDE took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed and I mean I laughed hard. I cried ugly tears and my heart, beat like it was gonna jump from my chest—because there was story and heart to this hot romance of Austin Grainger and Kitt Kelly.  She gave the name Kenmore whole new meaning. “ He had Kenmore pressed into his back.”

I love that Kindle Alexander made these two men—just that men. There wasn’t the stereotypical flamboyant gay relationship. Both Austin and Kitt were strong physically and emotionally. They were both stubborn and hid their feelings well.

Both men were not afraid to get their hands dirty and put in a full day’s work on the ranch either.

The premise of the story had me right from the get go. There was drama, romance and even a little suspense. What made this an it book for me though, was the underlying story of coming out and expressing who you love in an otherwise sheltered, conservative small town community. Kindle Alexander tackled this with sincerity and love without getting overly political or heart dragging. This was simply a love story. It should never be whom we love but how and how much we love.

Texas Pride is one of those books I will re read!!! D 5/5


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