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Textual Encounters (The Christine + Jake Affair, #1)Textual Encounters by Morgan Parker

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I have not come across such a ‘smart’ book since Tarryn Fisher’s The Opportunist.
Based entirely on the texting conversations between the two primary characters, Textual Encounters is brilliant. There are not many books that base their entire story without any inner monologue. Therefore, you are left with the dialogue alone to convey meaning, feelings and tone. Throughout the conversations, which occur over a three-month span, you find yourself adding to your list of questions and not being able to find all the answers. There are times when you second guess the intentions of the characters. There are also times, you find yourself wondering why the F wouldn’t they just call instead of texting so they could clear the air. And with that notion in mind, I sat back to try to surmise why they wouldn’t actually physically call and speak with each other– Is it because they have something to hide and would be found out through their voice? Or is it mere convenience and laziness to put forth the effort? Or is it the feelings that resonate within them are so strong and built on that one fateful moment that if they give up texting, all they have built will crumble?
Textual Encounters is considered to be a novella. I am generally not fond of them but this absolutely left me with a dropped jaw. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this story and how in the simplicity of the story, there was this complexity that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.
I have to say, Morgan Parker left us with the mother of all cliff hangers. And knowing that there is another instalment just around the corner did not ease the impact of this cliffhanger. Wow! It opened up a whole new bag of questions and completely messed with my head.
Morgan Parker’s Textual Encounters was a very cool read! I absolutely would recommend this book.

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