~THE CURRENT BETWEEN US by Kindle Alexander~ Review


This was the second book of Kindle Alexander’s that I had the pleasure of reading. And when you pair up a sexy photo journalist whose career has brought to the brink of danger all while catapulting him to the top of the journalist’s ladder and made him famous and a down home Texas electrical contractor whose loss and family have him so focused on his children—you get more than just a current. It’s an all out electrical storm. Gage and Trent are the perfect together. Gage is used to being subject to the media’s eyes and people always watching him. Trent has kept himself low key focusing on his two children and his growing electrical business. The two of them have an undeniable attraction to one another. The question is whether or not Gage is ready to settle down and whether Trent is ready to share his quiet life with someone.

Kindle Alexander writes truly beautiful love stories. You can feel it from the characters. They are so well developed and portrayed. She also keeps the story a page -turner by adding not only the sweet and sensual bits but there is an element of suspense and drama that keeps you on your toes. The web of lies that is woven is a very cool part of the story. I felt like I was in some sort of conspiracy/espionage movie.

I love that in THE CURRENT BETWEEN US there is a strong sense of family and taking care of your own no matter what. And again Kindle Alexander does an amazing job of portraying the men in her books as strong, independent, and assertive but they also are sweet, kind, loving and aren’t afraid to shed a tear. She also puts her men on equal and level footing. There isn’t one who is more dominant or is there one who is more effeminate or flamboyant. She writes about loving the one you love with everything you got. She writes about taking the risks of the heart to find happiness and your forever.

Kindle Alexander gives us two gorgeous, funny, smart and schmexy Texas boys to love. You can’t help but fall in love with their love. D 5/5

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