THE DEBT by Tyler King~ Review


13245314_1730554343895834_3935575937063383206_nGritty, raw, claws at my heart, real, passionate, sad, happy, inspiring, empathetic, apathetic, loving, hating, fighting, dying, living, everlasting, final, melodic, discordant, understanding, angry, happy, tearful, memorable, regrettable, forgiving, unforgivable, beautiful, ugly, flawless, flawed, stunning and everything in between.
The Debt by Tyler King is one of those books that sticks with you, resonates with you and that you hope other books will do to you. Her characters are so incredibly exquisite. Their struggles seep into your very being, calling for you to really see who they are. This isn’t a surface read. You need to settle in for the long haul and delve deep into your heart and soul. This is one of those books, you should go into blind and with a clear mind so that the story gets into every cell and you can peel back all the layers of this multi-faceted story.
Tyler King’s words are addicting in their beauty and prose. She brings hard realities to light with sincerity and grace. This is an absolute must read.
D 5/5

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