~THE FINAL LESSON PLAN (Schooled 2) by Deena Bright~Review


If you read book one—SCHOOLED then you know how the group of fun, cheeky sexy characters will have you laughing and needing a cold shower. Briggs and Leo up their game in The Final Lesson Plan in their attempt to win Janelle’s heart. What team does she wanna play for? You’ll have to read to find out. But let me tell you Deena Bright may have called this smutless but she knows how to turn up the heat in your panties without giving you any details as to what Briggs and Leo do to Janelle behind closed doors. 😉

This was such a fun, light and lively read. I didn’t put it down until the very last page had been turned.  Not only does Deena Bright know humor but also this girl can tug at your heartstrings before you can even get your balance. The side story between Leo and his sister brings in that element of family that I seem to thrive on in any given read. This part of the book truly made my heart smile.

I really enjoyed the humor that Bright used. It actually made the hot bits even hotter. Briggs Alexander was up to his confident, assertive ways to sway Janelle’s decision while Leo Cling used his warmth, thoughtfulness and nurturing to make the decision next to impossible for her.

Who won out in the end? I can’t tell you that pfft—as if. I will say this, Deena Bright kept you guessing right till the very end.

You would think without the intimate details of Briggs and Leo’s sexual skills in this book there would be something lacking as far as the saucy dirty parts. However, Ms. Bright kept the flirty running on full power and I think it actually made the read that much better than having all the details.

I absolutely loved the back and forth antics of Leo and Briggs. Their scheming and wooing made the book a page- turner. I also liked how there were a couple of parts where Bright had the characters interact with readers. It was sarcastic and funny and made for something different than the typical novel.

There was a slight twist with Janelle’s brother that threw me and thrilled me. That’s all I can say about that.

This is a great read when you want something fun and light. I’d read this for the humor alone. This definitely makes the grade. D 4/5

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