The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan ~NEW REVIEW~


I love Kendall Ryan books, they’re always packed full of story and sexy hotness!!  I was super excited for the release of The Impact of You but I seriously had no idea what I was in for as I very rarely read a synopsis and never read teasers.  WOW!!!  Seriously amazing read!!!  Not as scorching hot as some of Ms. Ryan’s other books but much more  emotional and sexy hot.  I do promise though that the sexual tension in this read will get you heated 😉  My heart was working over time while I was reading The Impact of You!


Avery is trying to move on with her life and escape the ghosts of her past.  My heart ached for this beautiful girl who had to live with the repercussions of an error in judgement while she was still so young.  I understood Avery and how trusting she once was and I completely understood how the events of her past shaped who she was.  Jase is…. WOW!  I double-dog-dare you not to fall head over heals for this wonderful incredibly seductive sexy character 😉 Suffering from his own issues in life, something draws him to Avery.  I honestly felt that they were two kindred spirits.  I loved both of these characters.


Kendall Ryan has tackled some very tough issues in The Impact of You and WOW did she ROCK it… seriously speechless!  I have to say that this has probably been one of my favourite Kendall Ryan books.  The story was real, the emotions it invoked were raw and I was completely engrossed!  For all there is a fair amount of angst I didn’t find it to be too over the top.  If you are looking for a read to get your heart beating and your pulse racing, I can assure you the sexual tension in The Impact of You is just what you are looking for, it was killing me… fabulous build up and release:-)


The Impact of You is one read you will not want to miss out on.  Tackling real life issues tastefully with brilliant writing and amazing characters.  You will fall in love with characters and their story.  N.  5/5 


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  1. Meghan Mack says:

    I am a huge Kendall Ryan fan and I am glad to see other people out there loved her new release! I can’t wait to read it!

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