THE OPPORTUNIST by Tarryn Fisher ~New Review~

So– I am now just getting to doing my review for the Opportunist. Four months after reading it. Don’t judge.  Why so long?— because it has taken me this long to come out of the mind lashing Tarryn Fisher unleashed on me with this story. I still find my thoughts retracing steps of The Opportunist. I’m not even sure where to begin.
The Opportunist traps you and ties you down right from the opening paragraphs. I found myself thinking ‘what the heck just happened’ countless times. This isn’t because the story is convoluted or disjointed. Rather, it seeps into you and really makes you stop and think. And think. And think. The story itself is not complicated. However, I feel like the story hits a nerve so to speak. Almost like it is standing right in front of you and slaps you hard. You cannot ignore the overt subtlety of the games people play when it comes to protecting their heart. This is exactly what happens when reading The Opportunist. You are forced to feel the damage and impairment of the games these characters play with and against each other. There is such heat in this novel that you undoubtedly get so close to the flame you get burned. There is no way to avoid the artifice of the mind that The Opportunist inflicts on you.
The Opportunist was an absolute stunning paradox of what we say and what we think when wrapped in emotion and love. This is a must read!!! No ifs and or buts. I dare you to come away unscathed and your mind not running in circles trying to find some respite from the mindf*** that is The Opportunist. Tarryn Fisher wrote an absolute brilliant book. D 5/5

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  1. Robin Feerick says:

    Great review. I couldn’t have said it better. I remember sitting shocked when I finished the book and my only thought was “Wow.”

    • Kristy Garner says:

      I loved The Opportunist too & your review is spot on. When I finished it I couldn’t sleep because my head was spinning! I wanted to track Tarryn Fisher down & make her explain to me what the heck just happened. I can’t wait for the next book.

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