The Reckoning By S.L. Scott ~New Review~

the reckoning cover

When I was first introduced to Dalton & Holliday in The Resistance, I fell hard for their love story. It was this crazy story of a one night stand that should have never played out.  But where is the fun in playing it safe and not going after what you want. Dalton is one HOT rock star with an ego big enough to fill a stadium. He goes after Holliday because if there is  anybody that can handle him, its her.

This story takes off after they are married and life starts to settle in for them. It’s hard being a successful business woman with a passion to go all the way and your husband is a Hot rock god. They seem to fall into all pitfalls of the limelight. Holliday is one strong woman who will not back down from doing what she wants to do with her life. And when that happens when her husband is on the road all the time, it could lead to a whole lot of space for somebody else to try and come into her world and mess things up.

Dalton has is own problems that he really does not see coming because he is busy just trying to move on from losing his best friend and a new marriage. So you have two people madly in love, but how do you manage all these outside problems…….it can get really messy when you start to second guess that love where it all started from.

 It turns into a battle of egos and not trusting what their relationship was build on.

When they find their way on the same path and understanding each other, they come into a force that nobody can come between the bond that made so strong.

This is a story of passion and lust but turns very real with true love and what really matters in life. Family. This story was so well written because it shows what can go wrong when you don’t communicate. You can get lost in your own head and waste so much time that you will never get back.

This was a 5 star read for me because it was a wonderful HEA. I love it !!!!!!! Davetta


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