THE SEDUCTION 2 by Roxy Sloane~ Review

The Seduction 2 (The Seduction, #2)The Seduction 2 by Roxy Sloane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vaughn is back. even more commanding and more sexy.

I didn’t think Vaughn could get any better but his filthy mouth is hotter and sexier. I’m not one for an arrogant, obnoxious, narcissistic man but damn if Vaughn doesn’t have me all flustered like he does Keely. She is putty in his hands and has the spine of a noodle to stand up to him. And you can’t blame her. Something about Vaughn’s commanding ways– it’s like he has ninja Jedi powers and before you know it, you’re on your knees with your mouth wide open asking for seconds and thirds.
Roxy Sloane does an awesome job of keeping the story fast paced and intriguing. Yep, intriguing. Who knew all that sex could have an awesome story line to go with it. The suspense is killing me with all the players and pawns in the game. Dammit is book 3 here yet?
You get so caught up in the story that when you hit “The End” you are so hungry for more. More Vaughn, more Keely, more story, more Vaughn. Did I mention you will want more Vaughn?
Even on paper (the book), Vaughn (a fictional character- damn I wis he were real LOL) makes the heat between your legs and everywhere else raise the temperature to dangerous levels.
*WARNING* Be sure to have cold water, towels and your BOB within reaching distance while reading Roxy Sloane’s THE SEDUCTION2

D 4/5

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