THE SEDUCTION 3 by Roxy Sloane~ Review by D and Dav

One of our favourite series crew. It’s sexy, dirty, sweet, suspenseful and a definite page turner! We can’t get enough of Vaughn!!!! Check out our review!!!

The Seduction 3 (The Seduction, #3)The Seduction 3 by Roxy Sloane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vaughn gets dirtier and dirtier and sexier and sexier!

Well D, I know we both agree that sometimes a alpha male like Vaughn kinda scares us away with how brutal he could be….Beautifully Brutal In this case…OMG I love this man and his beyond filthy mouth. And even with all his faults because let’s admit he did not start this thing with Keely with the upmost of honesty. At this point who cares….HE’S HOT !!!!
OMG Dav! I am not usually this type of alpha male girl but dump me in an ice cold bath. He is so filthy delicious! Ridiculously hot!!!!! And no, his initial intentions were so unworthy but in this 3rd installment of The Seduction, we really are starting to see a softer, more humane side to him. And boy if that doesn’t make him even hotter than before.

I was at a place where I was getting tired of reading books with so much sex and not enough story … HELLO major story line here. Every time I turn the page it was another WTF moment. This story just keeps on getting thicker and thicker with this CRAZY plot.
I absolutely agree Dav, which is why I think I had been turned off of characters such as Vaughn but this story line is quick paced, a real page turner. The twists and deception in this story keeps me wanting more. I know some readers aren’t fans of cliffhangers but I love Roxy Sloane’s. They couldn’t end any other way. I can’t wait to see where she takes this story.

It looks like our leading lady is not so sweet and innocent the way people think she is. I’m impressed with her backbone and not backing down to any threats these people think they can get away with. Our Keely is one sexy but strong woman.
She is! I love that about her. She is incredibly strong but there is an innocence and a desire to her that balances her character out. She isn’t wishy washy but she isn’t a stone cold B*CH either.

This whole story just blows me away and has me hangin’ on for more. Each book has an amazing cliffhanger and the next book just keeps getting better and better. Seduction 3 is brilliantly written with a shocking story that I hope turns out the leading lady gets her man and can forgive him in the end. But you would forgive Vaughn for his dirty, dirty ways in how this all started. Let’s not forget that he is also about to get some serious answers to his own life.
Absolutely! When I first started this series, I went in blind not knowing what I was getting into. It turns out—The Seduction Series has been an incredible ride. I love the characters. I love the sexy heat of the story. Roxy Sloane does a fantastic job of mixing the hotter than hot sex with a fast-paced, suspenseful story line. When you get to the end of each book in the series, the questions that arise leave you wanting the next installment like a thief wants to steal.


5 BIG A** STARS all the way !!!!!! Ditto. Vaughn definitely deserves 5 filthy dirty but oh so delicious stars!!!

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