~THE THRILL OF IT by Lauren Blakely~ Review

The Thrill of It (No Regrets, #1)The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

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poetic. one of my top reads of 2013!!!!

I’m not even sure how to go about writing my review for this one. Something just resonated with me and these characters. Their story. It was absolutely stunning!

Harley and Trey’s chemistry was undeniable. it was intense, understanding, sweet, selfish, beautiful.
Both Harley and Trey have so much back story and so incredibly damaged. They really shouldn’t have an ounce of trust. Yet within each other, without excessive words or superficial actions, they trust each other beyond measure. Something they almost can’t comprehend themselves.
The THRILL OF IT is one of those reads that send a shiver through your body and straight to your heart. Surrounding Harley and Trey’s story was this raw intensity that stripped them bare for all readers to see. The depth of their emotion and passion to love the ‘right’ way was sobering and humbling.
Lauren Blakely’s style of writing played so intricately with the emotional addictions that consumed Harley and Trey. When i think addiction, i think an overindulgence, an excessive use, obsession, compulsion, a dependence. This is what Lauren Blakely’s words did to me. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to surround myself in her words so that I could feel every tiny quirk and emotion that Harley and Trey felt. I became addicted to their story.
I need to address the secondary characters because their actions, their words, were so poignant and devastating but strengthening. Barb is an awful, selfish, insecure, sad and pathetic woman. But in some ways you can’t help but feel sorry for her pitifulness. She makes Harley stronger. Even when the ties between a mother and daughter can never be completely severed. Cam, by circumstance, is not a good person. But his sincere hidden feelings and care for Harley is heart warming and endearing. Under the facade of his position in her life, he loved her.
I was blown away by the story. It was not what I expected, at all. But it was absolutely amazing. If you have not read this book. It is a must!!! Let Lauren Blakely and The Thrill of It take you to the ugly beautiful. D 5/5 and one of my top reads for 2013!!

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