The Unveiling ~ Work of Art book 2 by Ruth Clampett ~NEW REVIEW~

The Unveiling (Work of Art, #2)






The Unveiling by Ruth Clampett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Do not read The Unveiling if you have not read yet read Work of Art book 1*

Finally, I had the chance to dive into Ruth Clampett’s, Work of Art book 2, The Unveiling. I’ve been dying to know how Max and Eva’s story would continue after the major cliffy in the first book. Fabulous! So much angst… Love angst! And O.M.G. Ruth Clampett what did you do with the Jonathan storyline!!! WOW! Don’t you love when you think a story is headed one way, only to have the author take it in a different direction!!! I am absolutely crushed and praying that Ms. Clampett has something up her sleeve for this storyline.

If you are looking for some SMOKIN’ sexy reading, I promise you Ruth Clampett will have your blood pressure soaring because this lady definitely knows how to write hot and schmexy! Can’t wait to dive into book 3 and see what happens next.  Nic

Work of Art Book 1

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