~THIS LOVE OF MINE by Amanda Bennett~ Review

TLOM CoverHey y’all…


So you know I quite enjoy Amanda Bennett’s Books (her Broken Series I loved).

Each time Amanda writes a new story, I feel like she is finding her niche and her place in the indie book world. With each book, I find growth in her writing and in her style of writing.

So let me say that in creating Madison Raine, this girl has found something. He is definitely a book boy to add to your book boyfriend list. He has a whole lot of Texas goodness to him. Now I won’t bore you with my swooning (but he is so swoon worthy… just sayin’) and let me get on with this review.

The story itself has a good basis and heart to the story. There were moments I felt the story could have been extended and developed more. I would have liked the story to have been slowed down a bit. This isn’t to say that important parts of the plot were left out or anything. They just weren’t as developed as I would have liked to see. Especially because the characters background stories had so much to do with who they were in This Love Of Mine. It was like getting a gift that I didn’t have to unwrap. I loved what Amanda Bennett gave me in This Love of Mine, I just wanted the pretty wrapping and the bow too.

Speaking of characters, both Madison and Kayla (KJ) had a lot to offer in this book. You instantly wanted to love them. Their back and forth flirting and banter with each other was so sweet. There definitely was chemistry between the two of them. Their feelings for each other were pretty fast and intense- however who am I to say you can’t fall fast and hard for someone? I’m pretty sure it’s happened to most of us at some point in our life. I also wanted more of Madison’s story. I feel like I didn’t get enough of him and not because Bennett threw all his Texas charm at me either (well maybe a little). Things about his passion for music and baseball- I wanted more of that and wanted Bennett to expand on it a little more. This Love of Mine only seemed to scratch the surface of Madison Raine. I’m hoping that This Trust of Mine (Raine #2) gives me more of his story about who he is and what he is all about.

The secondary characters fit in perfectly with the story and knowing Amanda’s books, she will give them her time in one of the books in the series. Both Glenn and Cami are fun and saucy characters. They balance out Madison and KJ well as the best friends. I love both Madison and KJ’s grandparents. They are strong and loving folks who make family their number one priority.

I have to mention that this book does have a pretty big cliffhanger. If I didn’t tell y’all, there would probably be a lynch mob sent for me. But here’s the best part. Book #2 This Trust of Mine releases at the end of May so you won’t have a crazy wait!!!

Overall this is a solid book. It’s a fun and sweet read. Madison Raine will make your heart rate do a little pitter patter.

I can’t wait to see where book 2 takes us with Madison and KJ. D 3.5/5

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