TRANSLUCENT by Erin Noelle ~ Review

I absolutely loved this story. It’s face paced and keeps you on the edge. Check out my review for Erin Noelle’s TRANSLUCENT
Translucent (Luminous, #1)Translucent by Erin Noelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Noelle’s best write yet!!
I was first introduced to the likes of Erin Noelle with her first book Metamorphosis. She introduced us to Ash and Mason. Her Book Boyfriend Series was a fun series with hottie boys, a little bit of angst and young love.
Somewhere along the line, Noelle put on her big girl panties and went to the dark side. TRANSLUCENT is full of suspense, dark, ugly subject matter and a book hottie that is delicious and a bit of an enigma.
Bryleigh Carter Oliveira has been witness to and a victim of some heinous crimes. She wants to start over. Madden Decker may be the one to help her. But his secrets may be the one thing that gets in the way of him finally finding happiness.
Erin Noelle’s writing is gritty and raw. The graphic accounts are hard and ugly and make this book worth the read. There have been few authors that will write as boldly as Noelle did. And I have to say as difficult to read some of the scenes it was absolutely awesome to finally read something that hit as hard as Translucent did.
The criminal suspense plot of Translucent made this a page turner of WTF just happened and WhoTF did it. The organized crime angle plays well with the sexy romance of the story.
Erin Noelle created characters that are well thought out. She gives us enough back story and information on each of them while creating questions about them that keep you wanting to turn the page.
Translucent is without a doubt Erin Noelle’s best story yet. I love the risks she took and the “She Did Not Just Go There” ending was amazeballs. Yay to Erin Noelle for taking some risks that ended up creating a fast paced, exciting story. D 5/5

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