#TripleX by Christine Zolendz & Angelisa Stone~ Review

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Want to read something light and fun? Then #TripleX is the book for you. Co-written by two fabulous authors, individually, I’m always a little wary of how 2 different writers will be able to meld their styles together to create a story without seams. Stone and Zolendz (It’s alphabetical ladies, so don’t get your panties in a bunch- these two will compete over the smallest things let me tell you). Yes, you two, Stone and Zolendz or Zolendz and Stone. Sheesh.
Back to my review…
So these two authors created a story that had me in fits of giggles. If you have bladder issues, you might want to pull out the Depends or sit on a towel. Albeit fictional, this story hit on some real issues that many of us as women could more than relate to, many of us I’m sure are living it.
While this story wasn’t about the book boys, the two that were in it, made me smile and put what the two main characters were dealing with in perspective. Love both Matt and Jake. Yes Angelisa, it seems I have a book crush on your book husband again. I could take out an ad if you want me to declaring my devotion or maybe we could simply work out a schedule. Yay for sister wives!
The story was full of fun antics but it wasn’t over the top that I lost sight of the heart of the story. The epic road trip that this story is set on, is one that is probably on many of our bucket lists.
I thoroughly enjoyed the real message brought to life in this comedic story.
If you want fun, light chick lit, then you’ve got to add this one to your list. Sit back with some M & M’s and a cupcake or two, red velvet is my fave, and read a tale of womanhood, acceptance, perseverance, and friendship.
Yes, Angelisa I happen to love red velvet. Get over it already. Christine, I’m not sure how you managed a 3 month road trip with this one. Let me give you a star and a medal. 😉
Loves ya both. D 4/5

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