Twisted Perfection by Abbie Glines ~NEW REVEIW~

TP cover~Do not read Twisted Perfection if you have not                                                                        yet read Fallen Too Far or Never Too Far~

Just when I thought the Too Far series by Abbi Glines couldn’t get any better, WOW, she blows my mind with her newest release from the Too Far series, Twisted Perfection.  This book was absolutely incredible, everything I could have hoped for and so much more.   Let’s just say it was a really late night / early morning because I couldn’t put this one down, I also think the ending had something to do with my not being able to sleep!! OMG!! I did not see that one coming!!!  I was hanging on every word, especially the HOT ones and boy let me tell you there were tons of HOT ones ;-)   Abbi Glines know just how to grab the readers’ attention by engaging their emotions.  I didn’t feel half as destroyed reading Twisted Perfection as I did reading Fallen Too Far. ;-)  

Twisted Perfection is Woods and Della’s story.  Woods Kerrington is the sexy manager of his father’s country club that we met in Fallen Too Far and again in Never Too Far.  Something about Woods’ character always pulled me in, he seemed like a spoiled rich kid / man-whore who always got his way but then would go and do something nice and unexpected, I could never tell what his true intentions were.  I thought that Rush Finlay was my favourite man in this series but I have completely fallen for Woods!  Della’s story broke my heart, I absolutely love her. It amazes me how Abbi Glines writes these amazingly strong female characters, who have had to deal with so much in their young lives.  Della is sweet and caring and if she was a real person I would want to know her!  

There is an instant connection felt by both characters but neither one is sure that they be able to get past the obstacles in their lives and be together.  Some of the characters we loved from the first two books are back, YAY!  I would love to see a book written for Grant!   But there seriously has to be a story to about Tripp, he’s got a story to tell and I itching to hear it!

Twisted Perfection was worth the wait, it was gut wrenching at times, sexy and hot others.  Another brilliant read by Abbi Glines that you won’t be able to put down.  I promise you that will be aching for the next book in the series, I am!!!  If you have not yet read the Too Far series I have one question to ask you… Why not??  If you have but have not yet read Twisted Perfection, bump this one up your TBR… this should be your next read :-)   N. 5/5

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