~UNDENIABLE by Madeline Sheehan~ Review

UndeniableI finally got my butt in gear and read Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. Oh my heck what took me so dang long?!

Wow!! Let me say I was completely, undeniably in awe of this book. Madeline Sheehan just ruined me for any books that think they can follow in Undeniable’s footsteps. This definitely is not for the soft- hearted. Undeniable gets ugly. It is perversely poetic. Raw edginess only whispers in the ear of the story’s soul.

Sheehan took the tainted world of biker gangs and stripped it to a startling beauty of the loyalty and connections made on personal, intimate levels. It wasn’t the dirty and caustic world of gangs that was at the core of this story. It was what was covered up by the life and expectations of being part of the gang that flourished in the story. Like a lotus flower growing in mud, there was a blossom in Deuce and Eva’s (Foxy) love and undeniable connection to one another.  Their connection was not always kind or favorable. It was however always intense and wanting. It was so acute that from their first meeting of one another, they were forever tattooed onto one another’s heart and soul. Even when separated for years at a time they were intricately bound to one another regardless if they fought to deny and disengage from their ties.

I was riveted to the ugly, disturbing grit of the world of bikers that was seamlessly woven into Deuce and Eva’s story. The secondary characters were capturing in how life in the gang was portrayed. Frankie’s character was so vivid and dangerously melancholic. You were afraid of him and afraid for him. He was so complex and layered in all his gory, manic malevolence. I also think that he was a pivotal pawn in why Deuce and Foxy could never sever their bond.  Unconsciously, I just think they knew that they would have to depend on one another to save themselves and free themselves from Frankie.

Other characters like Cox and Kami added lightness and agility to an otherwise heavy and wicked story. They were funny and uncouth. They took the edge off when the story got dark and consuming.

I can only unjustly say that Madeline Sheehan knows how to write a story. I cannot come up with any descriptors that will encompass and explain how much I enjoyed this book or her writing. It was THAT kind of good. I am greatly anticipating Unbeautifully (book #2) due out later this year (2013). D 5/5

*Contains some graphic descriptions, and depicts a lifestyle not suited to all. Undeniable may not be appropriate for everyone*

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  1. Dione Sage says:

    5 out of 5…okay, added it to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing this book. From your review it sounds like a pretty intense book!

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