Untamed by S.C. Stephens ~NEW REVIEW~

24299682Release Date: November 3rd, 2015

#1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens brings us the next book in her Thoughtless series! 

The spotlight doesn’t only shine. Sometimes it burns.

Being the bad-boy bassist for the world’s hottest band has earned Griffin Hancock some perks: a big house, a fast car, and most importantly his incredible wife, Anna. The one thing it hasn’t brought him is the spotlight. Anna tells him to be patient, that his talent will win out. But Griffin is through waiting for permission to shine.

Without warning, Griffin makes a shocking decision and takes the gamble of a lifetime. Suddenly he’s caught up in a new level of lights, cameras, and chaos. One that pushes his relationship with Anna to its limits. Anna has always found his unpredictable behavior sexy, but lately he’s seen an ache in her eyes–and it has his soul in knots. Just as the recognition Griffin seeks is finally within reach, the thing he loves most in life could be slipping through his fingers…


Untamed by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thoughtless gave us a filterless, laugh-out-loud, dirty-talking D-bag named Griffin Hancock… A character that none of us could ever forget! Well, ladies… I hope you’re all ready to fall hard. The “real” Griff is gonna shock the hell out of you! He sure as hell shocked me! S.C. Stephens has ROCKED, Untamed!

I expected a fabulous read, but Untamed was so much more than I could ever have expected. Griffin’s story was everything I hoped for and nothing I could have imagined. It was hilarious and sexy—the art show, BAHAHA Angsty and sexy…And…dirty as Eff! There is more sex in Untamed than in any other book written by S.C. Stephens, and it’s awesome—this IS Griffin Hancock, after all.

All of the characters, we have come to love from the Thoughtless series make an appearance in Untamed but, I’m thrilled that Ms. Stephens made this book about Griffin…And Anna. I have loved Anna’s character since day one, but now I love her and respect her.

If you are a fan of the Thoughtless series, and have loved this filterless, dirty d-bag, you are gonna love this story. Hold on to your hat… you are about to be taken on a ride—D-bag style Nic

**I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review**

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